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In the Hebrew version of the Noah’s Ark myth, was it the entire world that flooded or just their village?

The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is older than the Noah’s Ark myth but is almost the same story, that legendary flood wasn’t the entire world but merely the fertile farm land between the two Babylonian rivers. Changing the story to make it seem like a god flooded the entire world killing everything seems to me like something Catholics would make up. Does it seem likely to you?

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    If it is merely a MYTH to you, then WHY would it matter?

    As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

    MARANATHA! Come, Lord Jesus, COME!

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    The story of the flood in the Torah and the Epic of Gilgamesh were likely taken from the even OLDER (and actually true) story of King Ziasthudra. Ziasthudra was a Sumerian king who reigned during a massive flood of the Euphrates River, and saved a large proportion of his wealth (including a menagerie) by floating it down the river on a huge barge. This barge ran aground on a hilltop, thus beaching it and keeping the goods safe until the floodwaters receded.

    Voila- flood myth.


    There is no ark. Try reading books by actual archaeologists, not a special you saw on the Bible Channel. Every last one of the so-called "Noah's Ark" claims has been thoroughly and spectacularly debunked.

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    properly you look very puzzled. a million. Seven cases you have erroneously used the be conscious "delusion" to desribe the historial account of the worldwide flood which occured Noah's day. 2. The flood account isn't absurd or impossible or dogma or susceptible or somewhat discounted. 3. 8 human beings survived the flood, the ancestors of all human civilizations. "And God went directly to bless Noah and his sons and to declare to them: “Be fruitful and grow to be many and fill the earth." ..From those the inhabitants of the isles of the international locations grow to be unfold approximately of their lands, each and every in accordance to its tongue, in accordance to their families, by skill of their international locations.. those have been the families of the sons of Noah in accordance to their relatives descents, by skill of their international locations, and from those the international locations have been unfold approximately interior the earth after the deluge." 4. you're returned misinformed. Noah's relatives grow to be no longer incestuous. 5. "Don’t flood myths in different cultures somewhat count form as evidence against the Noah’s Ark delusion?" NO. It counts as evidence that such a great disaster, if it somewhat got here approximately, could in no way have been thoroughly forgotten. as a result, in many countries there are reminders of that destruction. very nearly all historic peoples have a legend that their ancestors survived a worldwide flood. African Pygmies, ecu Celts, South American Incas—all have comparable legends, as do peoples of Alaska, Australia, China, India, Lithuania, Mexico, Micronesia, New Zealand, and components of North u.s., to point purely some. with the aid of the years the legends have been adorned, yet all of them contain quite a few information indicating a ordinary source narrative: God grow to be angered by skill of mankind's wickedness. He introduced a super flood. Mankind as an entire grow to be destroyed. some righteous ones, inspite of the incontrovertible fact that, have been preserved. those geared up a vessel wherein people and animals have been saved. In time, birds have been despatched out to seek for dry land. ultimately, the vessel got here to kick back on a mountain. Upon disembarking, the survivors provided a sacrifice. The similarities can not in all probability be coincidental. The blended evidence of those legends corroborates the Bible's historic testimony that all and sundry people descend from the survivors of a flood that destroyed a worldwide of mankind.

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    Without a worldwide communication system (that no one would have been able to report back through, because they were all drowned, anyway) how would Noah have any idea how vast the flood was, once it got beyond his horizon (a few 10s of miles)? Obviously, the story is told from an imagined, godly, all knowing point of view. It is only one of many clues that the story is entirely imagined.



    John Popelish

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    A magnetic polar shift could cause such an event to occur. This has happened before, and it will most likely happen again. It may even have been what wiped out the dinosaurs. :-)

  • The Flood was local, not global. Humans had not yet settled much of the planet. The Ark came to rest on a mountain range in the Middle East, did it not? Not on Mt. Ararat itself, but on the mountains of Ararat.

  • The story is an allegory relating to a person's many desires.

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    Not a myth get over it. They have found the ark. Stop watching 1970s documentaries.

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    It is the Whole World.

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    It was real. Other cultures, beliefs take ideas from the Torah.

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