One Piece question about Ace?

Okay, I just read up to where ace and blackbeard duel, but what happens?!?! ahhh!! Tell me everything. i love spoliers. Does ace die? What happens!!!???

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    Ace is defeated by blackbeard and sent to impel down the Underwater Gaol, a prison. luffy gets there and tries to save ace but once he makes it to the 6th floor, he learns that ace is being sent to his execution grounds, luffy breaks out after having broken in, tries to save ace but Ace and Whitebeard die, luffy almost dies but is protected by ace and then he dies, after a 5-10 chapter flashback arc and like 5 more chapters part one ends and they all decide to meet up in two years to train and get awesome

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    No but he gets send to the impel down(the marine jail base) awaiting his execution, where luffy tries to rescue him. here we meet old friends such as buggy mr 3 mr 2 and crocodile. Anyway ace's captian Whitebeard gets angry and takes on the marine. a sick war happens that makes the villians we have seen up till now weak, and we find out that luffy is the son of GOL D ROGER(late pirate king) and luffy is son of Dragon(the most wanted man) but we knew that in the end of the WAter 7 saga. Anyway luffy manages to rescue ace but ace gets killed trying to save luffy from a lethal act from one of the admirals and whitebeard dies in the end cos of blackbeard. AND then blackbeard steals whitebeards power which can destroy the earth. and shanks comes and ends the war. luffy and the straw hat crew gets 2 years training(different places because the cos splitted apart). for more info go to one piece wikia and write Portgas D Ace or Whitebeard War Saga.

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    Ace expected an easy fight against blackbeard but didnt realise that blackbeards devil fruit power nullifys any other fruit users powers. even though Ace couldnt fully use his powers to his full strength he still gave blackbeard a tough fight. blackbeard then captures ace and hands him over to the marine admirals where ace is taken to impel down (marine prison).

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    Ace is serious injured and turned over to the Navy. He is to be executed and there is an enormous war in Whitebeard and the Nazy. Ace is saved by Luffy but is accidently killed protecting him from one of the admirals.

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