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If you are in pain in a dream does it mean you're in pain in real life?

Sometimes I feel like my jaw is being forced open and it gets really painful. It only happens in dreams, though.

Side note: What does it mean if you dream about fish? Almost every night I have a dream that something is going wrong with my pet goldfish (I have 3). Last night I had a dream it was dying and had flies walking around inside the fish's eyes. It was creepy and weird. Other times I'll dream they're swimming in really dirty or shallow water, etc. 10pts best answer.

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    I know this isnt an answer but i have the saaammmeeee problem with my jaw. I'll sometimes wake up with my jaw hurting. But all i can figure out is that i might be grinding my teeth.

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    Do you ever feel like you are being forced to live a life that you don't want to live, like a fishy in an unsuitable environment. That the people you live with expect you to accept this environment bt inside you are resisting it.

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    I dont know what you dream means personally but i do know two thing dreams are symbolic they are almost never literal. second thing is that this site might be able to help you, i use this site whenever i have a dream and it is very accurate....http://dreamlab7.com/SubmitDream.html (I hate it what people span yahoo answer with adds, but if you really want to know what it means i have found them to really be accurate.)

    Source(s): me, a couple of my friends, dreamlab7.com
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    YES when u r in pain in q dream that might represent PHYSICAL. MENTAL. EMOTIONAL. OR SOCIAL PAIN IB REAL LIFE

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