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what does a shot of everclear taste like?

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    Everclear is completely clear in color and pours from the bottle as a rather lightweight, runny liquid. The aroma is only slight, with the smell of alcohol coming through if you inhale deeply enough.

    As far as the taste goes, well, the people who claim Everclear doesn’t have any taste at all are wrong. It has a little bit of taste, and it could be described as (what else?) alcoholic and extremely dry. It reminds me of the taste sensation I remember as a child, when I would have a thermometer stuck in my mouth that had been soaked in alcohol to kill germs. The finish of Everclear is what you remember the most. It is very powerful, causing a hot burning sensation as it goes down the throat. The ending alone will knock you over and have you reaching desperately for a glass of water or some type of chaser, once you stop coughing.

    A one- ounce (30 ml) serving has an astounding 95 percent alcohol (190 proof) and 190 calories with no protein, carbs, or fat. Suffice it to say that most low- carb fanatics will not be adding Everclear to their diets any time soon, even if the carb level is zero. The calories alone make this product unsuitable for any diet.

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    On account that Everclear is 190 proof pure attain alcohol, i was once say very little. My query for you is why would you need to get inebriated on everclear? That stuff is so powerful that only a couple of shots will get most persons under the influence of alcohol.

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