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UGGS! to people in australia...?

my friend told me that you can get UGGs in Australia for like $35 (US $) and I was wondering if it were true?!

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    MONKEYis simply WRONG with the answer he/she gave you. Ug Ugh Ugly and Ugg are all generic words that have been used in AUSTRALIA for almost 200 years to discribe a type and style of boots that are hand made in AUSTRALIA. Under International Law it is ILLEGAL to trademark or copyright any GENERIC word that discribes a product good or service that is sold to consumers. Deckers Co. (USA) wasn't honest when they applied for and recieved a trademark on the word "Ugg". Deckers Co. also tried to shut down several AUSTRALIAN Ugg boot makers (one employed handicapped people). For example NIKE would NEVER be allowed to trademark the word "sneakers" because its a generic word or DELL the word "computers". Some really awesome Ugg boot makers in AUSTRALIA are: BEACH FEET> WHOOGA (awesome and worth the money as the lining is sooo plush and they put those Deckers Co. made in China Ugg boots to shame)>AUSTRALIAN LUXE> EMU AUSTRALIA and KOOLA BERRA (also a nice plush boot). If you want the "real" "genuine" "authentic" Ugg boots your looking in the right place AUSTRALIA.

    Source(s): You should be able to find a nice high quality AUSTRALIAN made classic style boot in short or tall for arround $100.00. PLUS the exchange rate may also help US$/AU$.
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    in Australia, 'ugg' is a generic term which the definition of an ugg boot is: A boot with leather suede outside and a sheepskin inside. So yes, there are some uggs out there that are real uggs just not UGG Australia brand uggs.

    Source(s): Friends w/ an Aussie
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    I quite have my amazing uggs on on the instant. Very glamorous. besides the undeniable fact that that is bitterly chilly right this moment. i do no longer usually positioned on them outdoors of the domicile, as i do no longer locate them that user-friendly to stroll in. extremely some human beings get out the Uggies in iciness here. they're made here, and have been initially made here. there became right into a modern copyright / trademark dispute over the call, yet they have continually been called Ugg boots here, and function continually been made here. different than for Ugg boots, people who want to be stylish could positioned on boots with heels, or if no longer, merely their primary runners or shoes.

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    Lol. no, they're fake then, if your talking about the brand name ugg Australia. ugg is a type of boot there, so of course its cheaper there. authentic ugg Australia boots are made in china. :)

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    probably since uggs was made there..

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