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Temporary housing in Dublin, Ireland?

In 2 years time I will be applying to Trinity College in Dublin, I would need to buy housing that is a little cheaper than the dorms if I get in. Could someone from Dublin please tell me the closest housing or apartments to TCD and the cost please? Under 1000 euros a month if possible, The highest I can pay per year is 800, for now. Thank you!

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  • P.D.
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    10 years ago
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    If you are an international or an Erasmus student, there are services within TCD that will help you find somewhere to stay. You will find this on the main Trinity website:

    If you are happy to look for accommodation yourself, the best website for Irish accommodation is

    There you can look to buy or rent a property, and you can also search for a shared room with other tenants. If you have a tight budget, you should probably consider sharing, as rents are still high in the city. It should be possible to get a decent 1-bedroom apartment for anywhere from €650 per month, although €800 would be more the norm. When you consider you could get a 2-bedroom for €900, sharing looks more attractive.

    You can search on Daft for properties in the city centre. This should cover most of Dublin 1 (Northside city centre) and Dublin 2 (Southside city centre and the area where TCD is located). Dublin 2 has a better reputation but is more expensive - both areas are within walking distance of the college so you would not have any transport costs.

    Just to help you a little with the terminology:

    'studio' means one room - the kitchen, living room and bedroom are all in one room.

    'bedsit' - same as studio but old and probably hasn't been decorated since 1985.

    If the price is 'per week', this is usually the price of ONE bedroom in the flat/house - the landlord will rent out the other rooms so you may not get to choose your flatmates. You will also have to pay rentx52 rather than rentx12. Better to get a place that charges per month.

    'Garden flat' - you are living in the cellar. Will be dark, possibly damp, and not as safe as a 1st floor flat. Same for 'ground floor' - security in the city centre is an issue, try to get a 1st or 2nd floor flat as they are safer.

    New apartment blocks are convenient, but often have problems with noise, neighbours and broken elevators. Make sure you visit them in the evening when the neighbours are home and ask about management fees - do you pay or does the landlord pay?

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