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does watching gay porn make me gay?

i have never been attracted to a guy, but when i watch porn sometimes i watch the guy then i`ll switch to gay porn .. does this make me gay .. im a 15 year old boy btw .

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  • Hermes
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    No, it makes you horny - which is what you should enjoy porn for. Honey, actions don't make anyone gay - its much more complex than that. If you were gay it would be fine, but just being turned on by gay porn, or gay fantasies, or even having sex with a guy doesn't make you gay.

    I am gay, and I can tell you now, when I was young several of my friends liked me to bl*w them and have sex with them, and I did -- a lot with each of them -- they were and are straight, they just didn't have hang ups and so they could enjoy it. They are all still my friends, and all are straight.

    Let go of the hangups and just enjoy life.

    Mind you, if you were gay, it would be awesome, but I suspect that you are not gay, just a straight guy who is horny.

    Kind thoughts,


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    I watch lesbian porn and I'm straight(I'm a girl). Many people do this, maybe because you're curious, gay, or any number of different reasons. It doesn't necessarily make you gay to watch gay porn. If you've never been attracted to a guy, chances are you're Straight.

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    I'm 14 and I have the same problem. I don't want to be gay (don't have a problem with gay people it's just against my religion) so I stopped watching porn recently. So far so good. I've had two wet dreams so far one involved a male and the other involved a girl that I've had a crush on so i don't think it makes you gay. Email me if you have any questions

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No more than having a flash car in the garage makes you a good driver.

    Certainly in the teen years, it can be quite common to watch gay porn. Not so much for the actual sex, but for admiring their toned/muscular bodies, and comparing yourself. Perhaps the same for their c*cks, and if you do that, keep in mind that porn 'stars' are in the tiny 3% of males worldwide who are well above average.

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    It doesn't necessarily mean that you're gay. Porn is designed to turn people on, gay or straight: perfect bodies having perfect sex. If in the real world, in a room full of people, if you notice that you check out the guys before the girls, then you might be at least bisexual, or possibly gay. Only time and experience will tell. Just be honest with yourself about who excites you and who doesn't.

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    i read in a health textbook that boys going through pubirty are sometimes attracted to the same sex. This doesn't mean we are gay, but its just curiosity. We'll go through tht stage soon and pass it. Lol do u find urself looking at someone's penis whose takeing a piss beside u at a urinal? Thts just human curiosity. As long as u dont look at it nd then take it nd slam it into ur own *** ur fine!

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    I watch gay porn. And masturbate .

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    I am a proud straight male, I agree with everyone except John, who is very iggnorant*. I too find my-self watching gay porn. Taken accountence of your age you and I are in puberty, I 14. I am completly atracted to females, and have no vision of being with a male. The hole process is mind over matter. once you understand the m-over-m, you too can admit it. thats the hardest step admitting it.

    Best of luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well some people may think so but your a not scientificuly gay unless you have sexual intercourse with another guy so no it dosent

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