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Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight?

I need the story on how they started and did Lady gaga drop out of college and how did she start drugs?

Thanks :)

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    Well Lady Gaga went to NYU for 2 semesters and she was majoring in music. She was getting straight A's. She decided to drop out because she didn't want to learn about music anymore she wanted to be out in the real world doing music. So to pay for her apartment in NYC and to finance her music she started to dance at a go go dancer club and that is where she met Lady Starlight and became friends. Then they started to do music together. I think she started doing drugs sometime after she dropped out of college.

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    Well since I don't know them personally, all I know is what I've read in magazines and such.

    Lady Starlight is one of Lady Gaga's best friends. They did a song called "Fancy Pants" together, which Starlight sings the majority of. And yes, Gaga *did* drop out of NYU after like, her first year because she thought she knew more than the teachers did, and didn't need it. She lived in her own apartment in NYC and spent every dime she had on cocaine, and got addicted to it. She'd do it while sitting in front of her mirror, applying makeup, and listening to The Cure (which is an amazing band from Britain) and I believe the song she mainly listened too by them was called "Never Enough" or something like that.

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    Lady Gaga.

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    IDK about the college thing. Someone told me Gaga was a straight A student. If she dropped out then I guess she did for music career. Gaga started doing drugs when she got depressed.

    And what's Lady Starlight

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    yeah.omg i just saw this topic on one of my favorite sites,this chick is forever talking about celebrities...

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    they're not related. they are just friends.

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