At&t u-verse speed test?

I got att u verse and did a speed test and it said 24 mbps and the fastest i can download anything is at 1.1 mbps, is there a way I can make it faster, like open up anything?

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    Even if you are getting the full bandwidth on your end, many servers throttle speed per session. If the server that you're downloading from is limited to 1.1 mpbs there's nothing that you can do on your end to speed that up.

    Have you tested your bandwidth? Try and see if you are getting your full bandwidth. Run the test several times from several different locations. The one that's physically closest to you may not be the fastest!

  • 4 years ago

    Certainly Comcast!!!! For Comcast, u would have got to pay a bit of over fee but they're stable and so accurate on their connection velocity! Att normally give u for less expensive fee but I warranty u, u wont get the 12mb velocity! I had both and i might say Comcast is surely the first-rate! Go for it man, i'm definite U wont remorse it. Good good fortune

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