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Bottled Water VS Tap Water?

Hey, I'm writing an essay about Bottled Water VS Tap Water, and I need to end it with a clincher. Any ideas?

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  • RSJ
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    9 years ago
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    Ending- Don't be a fool and buy bottled water. You should have cited how the industry is misleading; how some bottled water can be worse for you than tap water; the issues with plastic and recycling. People should buy bottled water only to have for emergency purposes- keep some in your car and some in your home.

  • 9 years ago

    In Canada, to sell water, it needs not be any purer or 'healthy' than tap water which contains chlorine. Chlorine, is a substance which kills bacteria, but is also carcinogenic. It does not filter or destroy particles like pharmaceuticals, (ever stop to think about how many women are on the 'pill' and who flush the toilet every day? Those artificial hormones are not 'treated' by chlorine!)

    Bottled water is affected by the very bottles themselves, no matter how pure or healthy the water actually may have been at the source. Water has the unique characteristic to retain 'memory', so the actual bottles themselves as they deteriorate cause pollutants in the water and impart poisons.

    People who install 'RO' units under their sink are fracturing the water molecules making the water 'dead'. They believe that they are drinking 'healthy' water, but in fact, the surface tension of the water that is fractured makes it impossible to hydrate their bodies, making them sick. (Same with Distilled which costs a lot to produce.) The water may be 'pure' but it is not healthy.

    The solution? Energized, mineralized, perfectly pH balanced water with a low surface tension that actually hydrates the body directly flowing from your tap! (costs about $20/ a month), needs no additional electricity, no cartridges, filters, or chemicals, EVER. Please go to: ultimatewater.com or, structuredflo to see the actual unit which can be portable, installed and used in a commercial setting.

    Source(s): Ultimate water, Prosperitas.ca
  • 9 years ago

    "Tap water is always a safe choice, bottled water is not. Cooked food is always a safe choice, fast foods are not." (those are analogous in form and content)

    The difference stands in fact that tap water is tested by doctors and by law they have to say when water is contaminated. Bottled water may be safe when is out of factory, but as transportation, sun exposure, and mishandling can make it even much worse than tap water.

    Just to say: cooking may be sometimes unsafe, if you don't know what you cook, or you don't wash your hands, etc. But the risks going out are always greater than you will cook for yourself (obesity, some infections)

  • Jay L
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    9 years ago

    Let's see, a gallon of bottled water is about $1. A gallon of tap water costs about $0.001 that is a savings of 99.9%

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  • 5 years ago

    It's all good until you get your water tested and your old home has lead pipes and a high lead level. I'll stick to bottled water.

  • 9 years ago

    both are the same just bottled water is cleaner but bad for the environment. But the tap water could have bacteria in it but its better for the environment. Its just one of those things if u are a tree huger or if u aren't.

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  • 9 years ago

    they're pretty much both the same, the bottle water companies just fill the bottles with Tap water... its just a waste

  • Bottled water is pretty much tap water but it has had benificial nutrients taken out when it is filtered.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    - how much cash do humans spend on faucet water versus bottled water in a year/month/week? (Our water bill (for two people) is $12/month. The only water we drink is from the tap. The only factor I drink is water. $12/month would now not purchase any one sufficient bottled water to drink. I drink 200oz of water a day, after I'm active. 100oz when I'm inactive. Although I have been to buy gallon jugs of water for $1 every, it might be round $40/mo, I feel. I am tired and do not feel like figuring it out to be sincere.) - How much of bottled water is in reality faucet water with a flowery label put on it? - The hazards of including fluoride to water. We should now not be ingesting fluoride. Sure, it helps improve your enamel, but that's why it must be in toothpaste--not in whatever you will ingest.

  • 9 years ago

    watch the the show conspiracy theory and see what you can learn from there. because there was an episode on tap water and bottle water.

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