Good printer with separate colored ink tanks?

Our current printer (Canon i860) has died, and though we really liked it we are looking to upgrade. We prefer the printers with separate ink tanks as this reduces the waste when one color ink from a combined ink tank is empty. We have loved Canon in the past but are also open to other brands. We are also open to all-in-one options as well since copying and scanning will be useful. If you have suggestions or information on really good options let me know!


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    Don't forget to take the warranty as well as cost of ink into account. The winner in both categories is Epson.

    The best deals in photo printers are the Epson Artisan series direct from with full 2 year warranty starting at $99 with free shipping. These are wireless copier/scanner/fax/photo/CD printers with 6 individual ink cartridges for high photo quality. The best warranty in the industry. For two years, Epson will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one should you need it. Just before the summer I bought 3 Artisan 800 refurbs for myself and 2 neighbors. It's an awesome machine!

    Triple capacity reusable ink cartridges for Epson are under $3 and you can get 20 free cartridges every month at I've been getting my ink free for over a year.

    Be careful with the latest epson printers. They use a brand new cartridge (T125) which you will have a hard time finding compatibles for. Unless you enjoy paying about $70 to replace your cartridges, stick to a printer which uses T069, T078 or T098, such as the Artisans.

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    Colour Printer With Ink Tank

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    I would suggest looking at color laser printers, if you have the budget for it. The toner cartridges are separate for all the colors, and have the benefit of not "drying up" when they go unused for extended periods of time. They are more expensive up-front (both the printer *and* the toner cartridges), however, they will last longer than an ink-jet printer will.

    I picked up an excellent Lexmark C540 from Staples for a hair over $300. To do this, I waited until they were offering their "$50 off a printer when you trade in an old printer" deal, plus I had a $50 of electronics coupon (that didn't seem to be valid for most of their computers, but it was fine for their printers!). I selected this particular Color Laser printer from their selection because it was one of only a couple that came with *full* toner cartridges -- not starter cartridges like many of the other brands do.

    In addition to the above, it's network-able (not wireless), and it has a built in duplex print capability, which is really nice for some of the PDF books I have printed on it. The printer itself is not going to set any print speed records, but for my uses it's excellent.

    Source(s): I've been a computer technician since 1993, and have seen the utter waste of "ink" based printers get worse and worse over the years.
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    With the two machines you have, there could be little or no fee distinction; on the top of the activity you would be using a definite volume of ink to multiple pages. in spite of the shown fact that "photocopying" will generally shade factors of the internet site that did no longer have something revealed on them and for this reason eat extra ink, besides as generating a decrease high quality result. My advice could be to rapidly print on the gadget which you're feeling is extra reasonable to run, probable the Canon.

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