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Poll: What city do you live in?

I live in Stockton, CA, USA


Yup! CA housing marking in general sucks. My neighbor sold a 3 bedroom 2 bath house for $100K. If I had about $10K more for a down payment, it was tempting to buy. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Update 2:

@ DH

Hi neighbor!

Update 3:

@ Hanna

Scroll down to Sports! Stockton Thunder hockey team.,_California

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    Houston, Texas

    Source(s): Oooh I heard about the housing market in Stockton, man. They took a beating :/
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    I don't live in a City.

    We're in a small Town of about 55,000 people in a County called Worcestershire, in the middle of England.

    A 4-bed detached modern house here is approx £180,000/£200,000

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    Edmonton D: I used to live in Vancouver though

    edit: The oilers suck this year! Lol, I'm cheering on the Canucks. woop woop! :p

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    Sacremento, CA.

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