What would the requirments of starting your own detective agency be?

Im curious what you need. The training. The money. And the legal requirments


I currently reside in Pennsylvannia

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    There was new legislation in your state, and a bill was approved in September 2010 to move jurisdiction of PI's from County authority to State authority. Some of the rules were already in effect, but here is a review of requirement on the new bill.

    Private Investigators

    Licensing of private investigators and security professionals will move from the county level to the state. A private investigator licensee will have the right to use the title “private investigator” or “private detective” and the abbreviation “P.I.”

    According to the bill, Private Investigator licensing qualifications will be as follows:

    •Be at least 25 years of age.

    •Be a United States citizen.

    •Be of good moral character.

    •Not be addicted to the habitual use of alcohol, narcotics or other habit-forming drugs.

    •Have a criminal history which does not include any of the offenses listed under section 318 relating to prohibition (no felonies and some serious misdemeanors detailed below).

    •Qualify by successful completion of a professional licensing examination for the category of license which is the subject of the application.

    In addition to the other requirements a private investigator license will not be issued unless the applicant for the license has held one or more of the following positions for a period of at least three years and was not separated from the position for a period of more than five years from the time of application:

    •Worked as an investigator as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police.

    •Worked as an investigator as a member of a state, county or municipal police force.

    •Worked as an investigator as a member of a United States or state investigative service.

    •Worked full time as a private investigator licensed under the Private Detective Act of 1953.

    •Worked full time under the direction of a private investigator that is or was licensed under this chapter or under the Private Detective Act of 1953.

    •Worked full time as an investigator or in a similar capacity for an insurance company in a special investigation unit.

    •Worked full time as an attorney or an investigator for an attorney or law firm.

    •Worked full time as an investigator for a common carrier or any entity regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

    •Has other investigative or investigative support experience that the board finds relevant to the activities of a private investigator.

    Source(s): Retired LEO
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    You'd firstly need to become a licensed private investigator. And in order to become a private investigator, there is a mandatory amount of time you need to spend in investigations before applying for the license.

    Most states require 200 hours of investigations.

    The most important part isn't the money, it's the training. In order to survive as a private investigator, you MUST establish a reputation within the community you plan to work. The most prestigious, wealthiest, and successful private investigators work in criminal defense. They do the foot work and field investigations for defense attorneys.

    If you want to know the easiest way to break into the profession, intern/volunteer with a local criminal defense investigator, or better yet - a Public Defenders Office. Public Defender Offices have an investigation division that take interns all of the time. You get networked in with a lot of attorneys in the area. And Attorneys are the best source for spearheading your businesses in the community.

    Good luck!

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    It depends on your State. Some states only require a business license, while others will require a special license. In my state, Idaho, all you need is a business license and you are good to go. Money wise, all you would need at first is money for the license. Check out http://www.pimagazine.com/private_investigator_lic... for more info.

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