A sibling for Aaralynn.?

We are currently TTC #2. I need some more names to add to our list. We have a few combos and some single names. Will you let me know what ones you like and suggest some more please?

Our last name is Kilby (Kil-be).


Abel Grayson

Kyler Logan





Delaney Ryan

Harper Brooklyn



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  • 10 years ago
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    I like Kyler, Lance, or Cooper the best. & I love Kyler Logan Kilby (:

    Lance Cooper Kilby would actually be kind of cute. Try using some names that you already have up there as middle names. Hmm.... I'm not too good at boys names, so I don't know what to suggest. I really like the middle name Elias, Alexander, etc. Grayson Alexander Kilby is cute too.


    Is it del-an-ee or del-ain-ee? Either way it's cute. Ryan Delaney Kilby would actually make a good boys name. Lol... Hmmm How about Delaney Rachel Kilby... Delaney Rachelle Kilby... Delaney Rae Kilby... Delaney Raylene Kilby... Delaney Reanne Kilby... etc. Harper Brooklyn is way cute. (: I personally dislike Farrah or Morgan.

    Goodluck! (:

  • Monika
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    10 years ago

    I love Farrah and Morgan as well as Lance (I'm a King Arthur fan lol)

    Farrah Faye Kilby or Lance Logan Kilby would be best out of your choices imo

    Possible Boy Combos:

    Landon Andrew Kilby

    Austin Zachary Kilby

    Colton Grayson Kilby

    Owen Chase Kilby

    Blake Xavier Kilby

    Colin Dominic Kilby

    Possible Girl Combos:

    Mackenzie Kennedy Kilby

    Scarlett Kendall Kilby

    Brianna Violet Kilby

    Aubrey Charlotte Kilby

    Ella Madelyn Kilby

  • 10 years ago

    I really Like Farrah and Morgan for a girl.

    Farrah Marie, Farrah Louise, Farrah Nicole

    Morgan Freya, Morgan Lilly, Morgan Anna

    Out of your boys names I like Kyler Logan and Cooper.

    Cooper Callen, Cooper Ryan, Cooper James.

    My favourite are Cooper James, Morgan Lilly and Farrah Nicole.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i love abel! thats so nice. and for the girl what about farrah and morgan together? farrah morgan kilby? just thought id throw that out there. congratz

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  • 10 years ago

    I adore Abel!! We are planning to use Abel for one of our little men. Abel Grayson Kilby sounds very sophisticated, which is always great in a name.

    All your girl names seem very popular, I'm not too sure about any of them.

  • 10 years ago

    I like Delaney alot.

    Delaney Brooklyn sounds cute although its too similar to Delancey and Brooklyn which are very noticable to the average New Yorker (me!)

    But i like it alot.

    For boys...Lance is cute.

    And Kyler is...different.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i like cooper, but none of your ohter boy names.

    delany is so cute, but ryan is a boys name, how about rylan?

    Harper brooklyn is cute, but i think brooklyn harper sounds better :)

    dont like farrah or morgan

    hope this helps!

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