Which James Cameron movie do you think had the best most actual STORY to it?

Obviously such movies as Avatar were great visually (especially in 3D) and a lot of fun, but which do you think he actually told the best thought out, most interesting story?

Your choices are:

(1981) - Piranha II: The Spawning

(1984) - The Terminator (Director, Writer)

(1986) - Aliens (Director, Writer)

(1989) - The Abyss (Director, Writer)

(1991) - Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Director, Writer and Producer)

(1994) - True Lies (Director, Writer and Producer)

(1997) - Titanic (Director/Writer/Producer)

2009) Avatar (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor)

For me, I gotta go with the Abyss, though I think the Original Terminator was close. T2 was cool, but had too many really cheezy moments (that kid was almost as annoying as Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christianson as Anakin), Avatar was Dances with (Space) Wolves, and Aliens, while a totally killer action film, still was someone else's idea, though really well re-invented into one butt kicking Sci-fi flik.

I just thought that the actual concept, writing and execution for the Abyss was tops, or as one reviewer wrote at the time ""The utterly gorgeous special effects frequently overshadow the fact that The Abyss is also a totally gripping, claustrophobic thriller, complete with an interesting crew of characters"

-So.. what do you think is his best.. and why?

BQ- Favorite Cameron invented character?

(A shame Ripley was invented by someone else.........)

BQ2- Overall as a writer/Director, who do you think is better.. James Cameron, or Chris Nolan?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I loved the atmosphere of the original Terminator. It was really dark and hopeless. I does feel a bit cheesy (just about every 80s Hollywood film does) but yeah, great story and execution. And that theme feels so epic. Shame they changed the theme in 4. I sat through the whole movie till the credits hoping that they'd at least pull out the theme, but no dice.

    BA: The Terminator (in the first film anyway, when he was all cold hearted and emotionless)

    BA2: Christopher Nolan. James Cameron has his share of duds. I had to watch Avatar on DVD (so I couldn't even enjoy the effects everyone was raving on about) which rendered it useless and disappointing to me. Actually, James Cameron hasn't done anything worthwhile since True Lies. Nolan, on the other hand, has made some pretty good films in the last few years. I do feel he is a bit overrated though. His movies are never really bad, but other than Memento, they've never been exceptional either. I like The Dark Knight and Inception but I'd never rate them over 7/10. But too many people seem to think otherwise and treat those films as masterpieces.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Abyss actually. I think I pretty much agree with your entire assessment of it. Plus its was cast and acted marvelously .

    BA; Cyberdyne Systems Terminator 800 Series Model 101

    BA2: Nolan isn't ready to polish Cameron's boots yet. When Nolan makes five or six more all time record blockbusters get back to me on it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Terminator gets my vote. Did such a good job of creating a parallel universe ~ a reccuringly favorite theme for me.

  • Steven
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    1 decade ago

    im all for True Lies...i can watch that over an over. great movie. The Abyss was a great movie too

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The film avatar was just right, story line a little bit sketchy in places however I consider he has already ended the movie within the first one! So if he back tracked and made a second one then he would ought to explain how that occurred and that appears a little bit fats fetched to me!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if depends. if i'm 14 or 30

    because 14 year old me likes different movies that 30 year old me.

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