Scientology. LRon Hubbard freely admitted that he would invent a fake religion in order to get rich. How can?

L Ron Hubbard freely admitted that he would invent a fake religion in order to get rich. He stated that the best way to get rich was to start a religion since it was tax exempt and you could trick people into gladly giving away all their money. Then he went and did just that. He was a science fiction writer (a good one actually) so he based his made up church on aliens. It was no secret what he was doing. So how the hell can any intelligent human being actually believe that anything scientology says could possibly be true? The man flat out said it was all a lie before he started. I find it astounding that so many people actually bought his fabrication. I mean, he had a great idea, and it worked, but come on, the man told it it was all bull. How can scientologists ignore the fact that their founder said he was making fools of them?

(i wonder how much he must have been laughing at his congregation, probably even more than we laugh at tom cruise for being such a devoted alien worshipper, or whatever)


@Peloristic Atheist - dont dispute her divine pinkness dude.... just dont go there! lol

of course all religions were fabricated by man for wealth, power, and/or control, but some at least made a believable effort (for the time). This one just blows me away, and really goes to show how people can be made to believe anything if they really want to

Update 2:

Because of the size of the massive public relations staff scientology has tasked with disinformation, propaganda, and harassment of ex-church members, there was no doubt in my mind that a couple of "members" would spring up here to call this a myth. But i am shocked that someone had the nerve to tell me i knew nothing about scientology because i mentioned aliens. roflmao. Its too late, the cat`s out of the bag due to the freedom of information act. In the past, it required a member of the church many thousands of dollars in "audits" and "courses" before the churchs secret knowledge was shared. Now everyone knows this "secret knowledge" is the belief that alien criminals were dumped on earth eons ago and their souls possess humans in order to cause bad behavior. Additionally, church members must may huge sums of money to the church to get the "thetans" or angry alien souls removed from their bodies. Now I wasn't there, so i cannot prove for a fact that Lron did make fun of the people wh

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  • Peter
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    9 years ago
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    At least he admitted that.

    You will find that he was not the only one that has succeeded with rpofits.

    I think people truely believe themselves even when they lie.

    Ther are more of such types that are on websites, health and exercise, fitness stuff.

    His empire grew and it seemed governemnt hated it for some reason.

    I was exposed to all sorts of newage doctrines like most people my age and it seems to proliferate from mysterious sources. While even obssessing or anying the peopl eof God as they share their lifes expericnce in a certain time frame,

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  • 5 years ago

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    Scientology. LRon Hubbard freely admitted that he would invent a fake religion in order to get rich. How can?

    L Ron Hubbard freely admitted that he would invent a fake religion in order to get rich. He stated that the best way to get rich was to start a religion since it was tax exempt and you could trick people into gladly giving away all their money. Then he went and did just that. He was a science...

    Source(s): scientology lron hubbard freely admitted invent fake religion order rich can:
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  • 3 years ago

    L Ron Hubbard Religion

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  • ME
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    9 years ago

    Myth. There are numerous stories of some famous person, usually a writer or an actor in a different or similar situation talking to Hubbard and then he blurts out about starting a religion. Many of those people came out and said those events never happened. Not one ever came out and said it ever happened.

    Hubbard was already rich with some of his stories being turned into films long before he wrote Dianetics. His name only built up the bad image after he came up with Scientology.

    He wrote more than science fiction. His last fiction works were science fiction, before that he mainly wrote pulp fiction. He actually wrote more westerns and romance than science fiction.

    And the fact that you bring up aliens shows you have no clue what Scientology is.

    Do some research before embarrassing yourself any further.

    Source(s): Actually read Scientology books so I wouldnt humiliate myself like you just did.
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  • Says the person with the Invisible Pink Unicorn as an avatar.

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't know how you could take a rumor spoken by others to say that Scientology lies. It isn't Scientology spreading these or L Ron Hubbard that fabricated anything. Is it normal for you to accept something as true without finding out for yourself?

    "Each time, he is supposed to have said it to someone else (same wording, different time and place, different audience) on a different date under different circumstances.

    When George Orwell actually wrote that exact phrase in a "A Letter to Jack Common" in 1938, Ron was not yet well-known, so it would have been a bit off-the-wall to claim Ron said it to a crowd of writers in '38. So, instead, he is accused of making the statement when he WAS well-known, variously in 1947, 48, and 49 (always before Dianetics was published, you see). He is variously supposed to have said it to another writer over lunch, to a pair of writers in a hotel room, to a convention of writers during a speech, to a different convention of writers while hob-nobbing on the floor, to a book editor, to a roommate with whom he stayed shortly after getting out of the Navy, or to have said it in the context of a bar-bet made with Robert Heinlein (with whom he was well-acqainted, being his colleague and frequent house guest). One of those who claims he said it (in '47, mind you, before the word 'cult' was in common use), said that he used the word 'cult,' not 'religion.' - a transparent attempt to brand Scientology a 'cult.'

    So far, Heinlein denies the bet, two writers who were at one of the conventions said he never said it, two German publications have been sued for publishing the "quote" and lost, etc. etc.

    Detractors use the fact that the rumor is present in so many versions to mean that something of the kind MUST be true. More likely the rumor was planted sometime around 1954 when the AMA, APA, FDA, WFMH, FBI and IRS were working overtime, in concert, to make up stuff and plant it in the media and in investigative files to discredit Ron and Dianetics. (in 1993, the IRS wrote a letter and attached a thick sheaf of documents, sending it to foreign governments, outlining the above multi-prong attack, apologizing for their part in it, and asking them to correct their Scientology files) Somebody had likely caught wind of the Orwell quote, which IS in writing, and HAS been proven, and thought it would be effective black PR to attribute it to Ron. If so, the ploy seems to have worked at least to some degree. The rumor hangs on and on, doesn't it? The fact that it seems to come from so many different sources, each with slightly different facts, is most likely because Ron never said it, and so it is not possible to nail down the context in which he DID say it, since it would never entirely fit the facts of an actual event that did transpire.

    Consider: Scientology and Dianetics work or they don't. If they do, then any off-the-cuff remark Ron did or did not make in 1947 or 48 or 49 is irrelevant to that issue, isn't it? If they don't, then that is ample reason to ignore them without having to attack their founder. One need only look at the materials, try the techniques, and decide for himself.

    Consider: That Orwell is proven to have written the exact remark with which Ron is credited is a bit coincidental, don't you think? Either Ron is a shameless plagiarist, or me mentioned the Orwell remark in the company of others, or he never said it.

    Consider: Ron initially wrote all Dianetics materials from a strictly non-religious, therapeutic viewpoint. If he were out to start a religion, wouldn't he have done that straightaway? It was not until 1952, when people running Dianetics were hitting past lives all the time, that he had to admit there was a spiritual element to all this, and not until 1954 that he was forced to incorporate as a church in recognition of the fact that Scientology was turning out to be not a mental pursuit, but a spiritual one. People "start a religion" pretty much on a daily basis. This is not how they do it. First, they hold up something to worship, claim a revelation from God, and then they order everyone to bow down. Ron and Scientology never did that.

    All in all, the quote is completely irrelevant to Scientolgoy, whether true or not. Most likely, it was never said by Ron"

    David A. Kyle affidavit

    Jay Kay Klein affidavit

    Second Affidavit of David A. Kyle

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  • 9 years ago

    dude, even if that were true, how the hell could you expect him to then go and spend the rest of his life writing over 400 books and 4,000 lectures on the subject AFTER HE ALREADY WON this supposed bet?

    Its a myth. It has only gained traction because so many other people regurgitate it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well...not quite. There is a RUMOR that he did it on a bet with Robert Heinlein. But it isn't that well established.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your the fool here. Don't you see?

    All religions were man made. Face the facts or live the lie.

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