Is it difficult to sway popular opinion about leaders or politicians? Agree or Disagree and Explain?

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  • Mj
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    9 years ago
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    It depends on who you are, your audience, and your delivery. I cannot sway popular opinion one way or another on the national level or even on the local level in San Diego but the mainstream media can. They campaigned against Vice President Dan Quayle for four years and turned him into a loser. If you can remember that it's likely even you think he's stupid. VP is the big league of politics. No stupid people make it to that level. I can however sway popular opinion at my workplace, in my church, and in my Little League. If I were the type that makes enemies rather than friends I would be unlikely to sway opinions about leaders. If I presented myself like a paranoiac, lunatic, or in any repulsive manner then I would not be able to maintain an audience to sway them on anything.

    If this is a homework question then you owe me, Brandon.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree because popular opinion isn't just one person it's many people. For example, in The Kite Runner, the Taliban killed hundreds of people, even though it was unethical and wrong. They however, did not care what others thought, all they cared about was that they stayed at the top. They wanted total control over everyone and weren't going to change their thinking based on what others thought.

    I wrote this answer as my assignment, and since yours seems kind of the same, I just wrote this one for you. Hope it helps :D

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