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Joe M asked in HealthMen's Health · 10 years ago

Im 21, and i have essential tremor in my hands; besides medications, what can i do to ease the shaking?

It F**king sucks! I cant even take a shot with one hand, eat a bowl of soup in public. Then there are anxieties that make it worse too. Please help! (meds didnt help)(alcohol does help, but i cant be a lush all day)

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Atenolol is a cheap drug that worked wonders for me- I got essential tremor when I was delivering newspapers, don't know if it was the repetitive motion of rolling the papers or the ink fumes or both- but everyone at the newspaper warehouse had the shakes. But my doc prescribed atenolol and it did work in just a couple of days.

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