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MyPay--just retired reserve?

My husband just retired from the reserves during this past year. We just tried to get on MyPay to get a new pin number, because we pretty much only use MyPay once a year, to get the tax info. We can't remember his user name, so we tried various other options to try to get a new pin number. The system didn't recognize his SSN. He is not old enough to have actually started receiving retirement pay yet, so the only money he received came from reserves, not retirement. Any ideas how to access this? We need to get our taxes done ASAP.

Thanks very much!

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    Assuming that you have logged onto the MyPay website at and still could not log-in or get his UserName and/or PW reset (it will be mailed to you as AM noted), then you can call:

    1-888-332-7411 Option 5 for "MyPay" help. Depending on the day of the week and how busy they are, you may have to wait on the phone for awhile. There are two things that "your husband" can do:

    1. Ask that his Reserve W-2 be sent to him (which probably won't happen before the 15th of the January).

    2. Ask for assistance in getting his log-in info (UserID and PW) fixed. They won't talk to you only him. They may do a reset while he waits or they may send him a letter with a temp log-in ID. The website asks for his email address - it uses that to locate his UserName in the files.

    Been there on this one. PS: The MyPay website does not allow you to directly enter the password. You have to use their PW input system letter by letter, number by number, symbol by symbol.

    The above will get you to where you need to go and will result in his getting his W-2 form either mailed to him or via the MyPay site.

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    It will be mailed to the last address he gave them.

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