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Why doesn't Jack Straw mention the prevalence of white sex slavery in Israel?

Jack Straw is of course Jewish. He recently declared that Pakistani men see white girls as easy meat. Why won;t he speak out in the same vein against Jewish people carrying out this trade.

Amnesty International charged.

"Many women have been subjected to human rights abuses such as enslavement or torture, including rape and other forms of sexual abuse, by traffickers, pimps, or others in Israel’s sex industry"

Amnesty International also criticized Israel for not providing a procedure to grant asylum to women who have been smuggled into the country often on the basis of false promises of work having nothing to do with sex. According to Amnesty International, hundreds of women are brought to Israel from the former Soviet Union every year. From luring or kidnapping women and forcing them to work in Israeli brothels, to being major players in the slave trade. .

Jewish historian Edward Bristow, in his book Prostitution and Prejudice: the Jewish Fight against White Slavery, says:

"Jews rooted largely in Eastern and Central Europe dominated the international traffic out of the area"

NO, I am not condoning what SOME Muslim men have done, I simply do not like hypocrisy and wonder why Jack Straw does not make similar statements about the trade where European women are being sold into sex slavery into Israel - a country he admires?


Poppy - I am well aware that Straw is British and he is also an admirer of Israel, a country he has a right to go and live in by virtue of his Jewishness. I am more concerned about a trade involving thousands of European women but evidently people are more concerned here with justifying Straw's statement and avoiding the issue ... which is always the way when other ethncities' flaws are pointed out.

Update 2:

Poppy - You say not all Israelis are Jewish - so you are saying that Palestinians have the finance and means to traffick in human flesh! amnesty mentions Jews not christians or Palestinians. Gosh... anything not to blame those who cannot be mentioned!

Update 3:

Stacey - Yes truth is always antisemtic to you people!

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    Well, I 'm going to be diffeent. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this guy asked a pretty valid and lawful question.

    So, if white sex slavery does exists in Israel, why not question that too ?

    It did cross my mind when I read this thing about pakis and the grooming of white girls that this is being PUBLICISED only to manipulate public opinion.

    I for one did not know Jack Straw was Jewish but now that I know, it started things rolling in my mind.... it sort of explains why Tony Blair, the minute he stops being UK's prime minister is IMMEDIATELy appointed the West's envoy (or whatever they call it) to.... Israel ?! Could it be that Tony Blair is also Jewish ? I don't know.

    I do not condone the grooming of any girls for sex, white or yellow and anyone who does that deserves being castrated but I butted in only because I thought this guy asks a pretty valid question that did not deserve the oversize reactions that he received from some people.

    By the way I am not Muslim. I am European, I am white, blond hair and blue eyed and Christian.

    These question can and should be asked. It is NOT anti anything to... to think, to deduce and to conclude.... or is it ??!!!

    And please do not come and call me nazi or anti-semite.... Democracy and Freedom of Speech works both ways... not just to be used if and when it is convenient.



    With respect, who are you to tell the guy WHO his question is about ?

    The news may be about Pakistani perverts but HIS question draws people's attention to a problem that is worldwide, widespread. I think it is perfectly OK to ask

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    I can't vouch for any given individual.

    You seem to think that he is ignoring what goes in Israel and that it is terrible.

    And you seem be citing an Amnesty International Report from about 2004.

    Human Trafficking is a terrible crime that happens in pretty much all states.

    How does Israel compare today?

    Google, what do recent reports say:

    oh google. what if we check 2009 statistics?

    Muslim countries in the Middle East and north-central Africa lead the world in human trafficking, according to a new U.S. State Department report. Of the 17 countries that were given the "Tier 3" listing reserved for the worst offenders, nine were Muslim countries or countries with a large Muslim population from these two regions. Tier 3 countries are defined as those “whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards" of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 and "are not making significant efforts to do so.”

    The Middle Eastern countries with Tier 3 status are Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The north-central African countries are Mauritania, Chad, Sudan, Niger and Eritrea, all of which have very large Muslim populations.

    Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Lebanon are on the Tier 2 Watchlist – one step above Tier 3.

    The data in the report indicates that Muslim countries in the Middle East and Africa are continuing their centuries-old practice of human trafficking. Historians estimate that between 9 and 14 million black Africans were brought to the Americas in the Atlantic slave trade and between 11 and 18 million black African slaves crossed the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Sahara Desert between the Muslim conquests in the 7th century and 1900.

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    Jack Straw is a realist and not a racist as people like Keith Vas would have you believe,Straw is speaking about a growing problem and not an isolated one,these pakistani paedophiles were not young immature boys but married men with children.What would their reaction be if a white gang were doing the same vile crimes against one of their daughters or nieces,I would say an honour killing was on the cards.People like that fool Vas blame the young girls for this crime,is he an idiot,every rape victim in this country must be very angry,this is not a Muslim country where the victims are punished so be advised to remember this.

    I am sick and tired of the attitude Muslims and other immigrants take towards this country and other European countries,if you cannot respect out laws,culture,charity or any other aspect of our way of life you are free to move elsewhere more suitable to your requirements,this and other criminal acts should be a wake up call regarding this multicultural fiasco.Time start repatriating dissidents,those choose not to integrate and those who have been continually on benefits and those to be deported deport and let someone else deal with it.This country can no longer afford to be the last resort of all sorts of malcontents,we have to put ourselves first,realist and not racist.

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    I don't know if you know this but Jack straw is a British politician

    Not all Israelis are jewish

    To get back on track of the real issue here The problem of pakistani men grooming young girls as young as 12 is repulsive , no doubt there would be a massive outcry from the muslim community if white british men were grooming 12 year old pakistani girls

    How nice to see you are not condonimg what the pakistani men are doing I bet you would be slightly more vocal if the situation was reversed


    Like many people of your ilk you completely refuse to discuss or condemn these pakistani men for their hidious crimes in Britain

    I also have the right to live in isreal , however I currently live in the north of england and am concerned about the activities of men grooming chilkdren for sex ,

    you care more about hating jack straw and Jewish people than you ever could about eupropean women being trafficked

    the whole point of your thread was to get a good old Jew hating conversation going


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    Jack Straw was addressing a specific known problem concerning Pakistani men in Britain and their attitude to white females. It's a problem that has existed within this country for several years and, according to reports in the Times last week, has been hushed up by various authorities for fear of reprisals against the Pakistani community within the UK. I'm sure that Mr Straw, like all decent thinking people, is equally appalled by abuse against women no matter where it in the world that it occurs, it's just that he was dealing with the problem that exists within the context of the UK.

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    I wondered when an antisemitic question would pop up on here again! Jack Straw being Jewish is of no consequence, he spoke out about what a lot of people have known about and kept quiet about for a long time. Face up to the fact that YOUNG white girls have been abused by Pakistani youths who think of these girls as trash and beneath them. perhaps now it is out in the open police will be more vigilant in spotting young girls getting into flash cars and decent men will speak out if they know about what is going on in their community.

    Well expressed Poppy, Patch and Stacey

    patrick s My sentiments exactly

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    He is a British mp

    His party encouraged mass immigration of pakistanis into this country

    His party the police and social workers knew about these sexual deviants but did nothing because they didn't want to be called racist

    Or of course it would have opened an immigration debate labour did not want

    Why worry what happens in Israel.....un less of course you are doing what always happens when an unfavourable spotlight falls on pakistanis or Muslims in general.....passing the buck dodging the issue or attacking israel?

    Instead of worrying about what happens win Israel get your own communities of sex offenders and deviants in order....I understand Pakistani community elders said it was not their problem when it was brought to their attention in 2003

    And if British cities were being targeted by Israeli sexual deviants your question would have more credence......but the deviants are pakistanis........and no one is surprised.....

    Source(s): Your comment about immature gangsters was used the other day......when you used another account......and your profile says it All...... Anti Semitic rants will be reported to yahoo too.....and i am not jewish.... You and Ali seems to forget that the age of consent in UK is not 12....what is the matter with you that you condone this rape of children? What about the problem of rape of little girls by gangs of pakistanis is this not a problem for you as much as alleged problems in Israel?
  • Your question is a pathetic excuse for an anti-semitic rant. Jack Straw was dealing with a problem which is happening in here in Britain right now with gangs grooming under-age girls, Israel has nothing to do with this.

    Sex slavery is a worldwide problem and goes on in nearly every country on the planet, not everything in life is about Israel, It is not the centre of our universe and it is up to the Israelis to deal with it themselves and well outside the remit of a british politician!

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    Absolutely proper for elevating an issue that may be too sensitive for a lot of to raise. We have got to get over this worry of being categorized a racist whenever pointing out something that the liberal guardian-reader does not like. 53 out of 56 possibly a reasonably misleading statistic within a populace that has an awfully gigantic muslim community - nevertheless it nonetheless stands out worryingly.

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    Because he is,quite rightly only concerned about the U.K. Simply because he had the guts to tell the truth about an often unreported problem ,people are castigating him. Would that there were more politicians who were unafraid to speak the truth !

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