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My car starts but dash and interior lights wont come on. Why?

I started my car and it started just fine. But the problem is my dash lights and interior lights dont work. My headlights are one but I cant even turn it on or even put the parking lights on. The headlights constantly stay on and it wont turn off. Windshield wipers or radio wont turn on either. Pretty much the only thing that works normally with my car is the headlights (minus them not being able to be turned off) and my car can start without problems.

Everything else is as if the car isnt even turned on. I tried pushing buttons, turning dials and nothing would work. Its a 2007 chrysler 300. Can anyone help me out and tell me why nothing is working in my car. Thanks in advance.


Yes I did think about the fuse but it bein almost midnight with a car that has lights that wont turn on I figured I'd wait until morning. While I waited till then I thought I'd ask the friendly people of yahoo answers so I can get straight to what the problem possibly is as opposed to making a guess as to what i thought it might be.

Update 2:

Still dont kno why my headlights refuse to turn off or even be able to switch to its parking lights.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You should immediately take the vehicle into your nearest Chrysler dealership as they DO have the sophisticated tools and their mechanics are factory-trained to handle these problems. Or you can go to Joe's Shadetree: The Parts Changer who will not only charge you between $50 to %100 to "fix" it. Joe's fix will most likely work for a day or two, max. Then you will need another $600-$800 for the next 2 days, if he doesn't burn the car to the ground. The dealership will be your besty way to go IF you wish to have your car fixed RIGHT the first time at a resonable cost.

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  • 10 years ago

    Your car is relatively new; the dealer is not necessarily your enemy. I would take it there and at least let them troubleshoot it. If nothing else, call the dealer service department and ask a service advisor. Of course they'd prefer to see the problem, but they may be able to explain possible scenarios. Because it isn't likely you're the first or only person to have had the issue.

    Good luck!

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  • 4 years ago

    I had anything like this occur to me with a vauxhall astra. My brake lights stayed on. Do what the others have stated, seem at your rear lights with the battery reconnected and then turn your headlights on. If they get brighter then sure, your brake mild is on. Essentially, it could be a switch at the back of your brake pedal itself. This could have fallen off or come out of alignment. It traditionally is a case of simply clipping it again on the place it belongs. Isn't a hard job or anything that you just have got to take to a mechanic. Whether it is that, then the mechanics are gonna get a very handy hour labour out of you.

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  • Gary
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    10 years ago

    There are various possibilities, Burned fusible wire coming off pos.bat. terminal, Electrical part of ignition switch bad, I'd suggest dealer repair, but know they had problems with two items I mentioned.

    Source(s): ASE master auto tech ret.
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  • 10 years ago

    sounds to me like the headlight switch is bad.

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  • 10 years ago

    Have you bothered to possibly check your fuses? Maybe your owners manual can tell you where they are. It is a small book and if you open the glove box you will find it. look inside and it will tell where to look

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