Please help with Ultrasound findings?

I was at the ER on Wednesday. I was having what I thought were normal lower belly cramps but a friend talked me into going to the ER. At the time, I could not recall having a period in December so these findings are based on a period of November 5, 2010. Since then, I have recalled a period of December 3, 2010. Which should change things considering there is a one month difference. The papers read...... "An irregular elongated possible gestational sac is noted within the endometrial cavity, which does not contain a live embryonic pole with cardiac activity. An embryonic pole may be present within this gestational sac, however, this looks distorted. A collapsed corpus luteum cyst is suggested within the right ovary measuring 1.7 cm x 1.0 cm . 1.2 cm. There is no free fluid within the pelvic cul-de-sac. The left ovary is sonographically unremarkable. No andexal mass detected."

it goes on to say


"There is no sonographic evidence of a normal intrauterine pregnancy in this patient with a positive pregnancy test. A collapsed irregular gestational sac may be present within the endometrial cavity, possibly containing a distorted embryonic pole without cardiac activity. These findings could represent embryonic pole demise and imminent spontaneous abortion. These findings would not exclude an ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, follow up with a serial beta hCG levels, as well as close clinical correlation is recommended."

My progesterone on Wednesday was 9 according to these papers the ER doctor gave me. My hCG was 2774. I returned to the ER today for more blood work. They did not tell me my progesterone but said that my hCG levels are at more than 6,900. I can't remember the exact number.

Any interpretation of this would be greatly appreciated.

Remember.. at the time, we thought I was farther along by one month.

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  • Based on the information given... and if you are right about having a period on December 3rd, that puts you at late 5 weeks pregnant. That's enough to give you a positive test, the gestational sac, and the fetal pole. It is NORMAL to not see a heart beat that early on, that won't develop until late 6 early 7 weeks on. (Could be the reason they are calling it "abnormal" because they are basing everything off of your November period... which would make everything look a month behind)?

    The corpus luteum cyst is a cyst on your ovary that produces the hormone progesterone and estrogen to keep your pregnancy going until your placenta develops around 12 weeks and takes over.

    The ER will give you a computer printout based on the information you gave, and if you were off, their information will be completely off too. It's just the ER they aren't experts at OB... I learned that the hard way early on in my pregnancy too. I went home sobbing with an "Ectopic Pregnancy" diagnosis printout, horrible experience.

    The thing now you need to pay attention to is those HCG levels, sounds like they are on track, if they continue to double within 48 hours then I'd say your pregnancy is probably viable as long as they keep increasing. If they start to decline or elevate very slowly, and in a few days if you have a follow up ultrasound and there is no heart beat detected, it could be a missed miscarriage. Pay close attention to your body, if you develop any cramping or bleeding of any sorts, get yourself back to the ER. Always request more testing before any decisions are made! Give yourself a few weeks of tests to see how things are progressing.

    Best of luck to you and I hope things work out.

    Sorry if my information is completely off, it's just so confusing but I tried my best :(

    Source(s): Been through the ER early on, incorrectly diagnosed me with an "ectopic pregnancy" and now I'm 39 weeks with my miracle boy :)
  • 9 years ago

    "...which does not contain a live embryonic pole with cardiac activity." There was no visible heartbeat, as well as no fetal pole. "These findings could represent embryonic pole demise and imminent spontaneous abortion." Spontaneous abortion is a medical term for miscarriage. "These findings would not exclude an ectopic pregnancy." Could still very well be an ectopic pregnancy.You need to follow up for more tests on your HCG levels, which is bloodwork, because if this was a miscarriage they will drop significantly over time. Overall, this looks as if they are saying there is no heartbeat in the gestational sac, and that this pregnancy could possibly be a miscarriage or ectopic.

  • 9 years ago

    Honestly, this is based on incorrect measures times so is no longer accurate.

    It is telling you that this pregnancy is not viable, not a normal pregnancy despite a positive pregnancy test. The fetal pole is distorted and no heart beat. It is saying your embryo stopped growing and and a miscarriage will happen shortly.

    But this is all based on wrong period dates which means all the above information is incorrect/invalid.

    It would mean that the fetal pole is probably just showing so will be distorted, at such an early stage there would be no heartbeat showing, and your embryo has not stopped growing, it was at the right stage for it's gestation. A miscarriage cannot be ruled out as a miscarriage is possible for every pregnant woman until risks decrease at 12 weeks.

    You need to return to the doctor, explain your new period date and request another ultrasound as these findings are invalid.

    Good Luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Whoa.. well what I get out of it is that you are not pregnant, ("There is no sonographic evidence of a normal intrauterine pregnancy in this patient with a positive pregnancy test") but there MAY be a gestational sac, implying that you were pregnant but it didnt take? HOWEVER it then goes on to say that your HCG levels are increasing dramatically. So i'm totally confused, probably shouldn't have attempted to answer this question really haha.

    Did anyone explain what was going on? Did they say you are pregnant or not? Maybe there is another reason why your hcg levels are increasing?

    Sorry not much help

    EDIT: I just read Chuckles post and she sounds like she is onto it! :)

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