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Which is better Wood chopsticks or Metal chopsticks ?


Sometimes i think . metal chopsticks are easier to clean!

and wood chopstick are easier to handle. - Now which one would you

prefer ? (:

Answer Below ! >:O

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    I hate metal chopsticks. The surface is almost always shiny and polished. Picking up small objects will be more difficult due to lack of friction. They are also harder to hold because they tend to slip easier in your hand too. Metal chopsticks of the right size are too heavy. Those that got the right weight are too thin. Those that were made out of silver looked and felt like heavy gauge wires. They are hard to use and they will tarnish. Metal chopsticks don't have sharp angles and many of them are round; I don't like chopsticks that will roll around on the table.

    The answer: Medium sized natural, unpainted wood chopsticks with round pointy tips and tapered square body.

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    Metal Chopsticks

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    Source(s): How to Work Wood
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    Steel Chopsticks

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  • 9 years ago

    Metal chopsticks.

    People may think it's harder to handle, but it's cleaner.

    Wood chopsticks are not really clean..

    I'm Korean, and in my country, we all use metal chopsticks. For wood chopsticks, we only use the disposable ones when we're out camping or something.


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    My family in Japan prefer the wooden type which are short to medium length and are lacquered and last a very long time. I find wooden chopsticks are good because they are low in temperature conduction and provide a good grip. In Korea, I used metal chopsticks and actually liked them a lot as they were very durable, easy to use and clean.


  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Wood chopsticks...

  • 6 years ago

    for me wood is better. I always use wood ones. metal chopsticks are slippery and heavy but i'd like to master both wood and metal

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    Plastic chopsticks are the best as they are easy to clean. Any good Chinese deli sells them and they are not expensive.

    The problem with metal ones is that you can break a tooth if you are not careful

    However if having a fondue the bamboo ones are best

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    9 years ago

    I have painted wood chopsticks so they clean fine and they are easy to handle. I would use those instead :). Metal chopsticks feel uncomfortable when you handle them. All the difference is, you have to buy new wooden chopsticks every couple months, when with metal, they last forever(to some extent)

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