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Dieting/ weight loss tips for prom?

Hi, I'm a SR. in high school and my prom is on April 9. I've gain some weight over the years and for prom I'd like to healthy and fit, I know that it's not a long time till, only three months but I'd gladly appreciate tips and advise to help me lose the weight and be in shape by the time my prom comes, I'm looking for a realistic goal to achieve and that's 20 pounds.

I want to know exercises that really work you out and good motivational sites maybe.

I'm really dumb when it comes to dieting and food and have tried many stupid diets so I'm looking for a realistic diet that will keep me healthy and energized. So anyone who has lost weight the right way and thinks they can help me please do, I'd gladly appreciate it!

And also, My arms are bigger then they used to be and I'm scared to wear a dress that is sleeveless which most prom dresses are so I'd like to know if it's possible to maybe make my arms smaller by then and what exercise I can do to make this possible

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    alright when it comes to weight loss, its cardio, cardio, cardio :) You need to burn more calories then you take in. This is easiest obtained by mainly running, sports that involve alot of constant running, and aerobics. Whenever you get the chance, just get some cardio in.

    A really good workout schedule for you might be going for a long jog 4 times a week. This jog should be long enough where you pretty much feel like your about to die, haha. If you need some good workout plans, google "fast weight loss workout plan" and you will be able to find some suggestions.

    The cardio should take some of the wight off your arms too, but you can find plenty of arm exercises to do that will target exactly what you want. google "exercises to loose arm weight".

    With the diet, i would just try this to make your self a bit healthier

    Think of 3 foods you eat almost daily that you know are bad for you...... okay got em?

    Now EVERY OTHER DAY, (not every day) don't eat those foods, instead eat a fruit or veggy.

    you could do this every day, and you would prob be eliminating alot of bad stuff fom your diet, but doing this can be a very drastic change, and most people arent able to stick with it. But every other day should add a bit more health to your diet as well as help you loose weight easier.

    good luck :)

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    Hello Jess

    I understand the problems you've gone through when trying to loss weight. You might want to look into fat burning foods. That will help take the food pressure off. Then for the exercise part. My friend is in the same situation as you, and nothing worked for her until she came across Lose Weight by Dancing. She is having great success with it; Maybe this could work for you too.

    Well good luck

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    Well I'm a man and I believe you are gonna like this recommendation. Caffeine is an aspect in designated weight reduction capsules, so recollect consuming espresso on a constant foundation. Different quantities surely paintings for exceptional folks so simply see what works for you. If you do a little study you will have to discover different wellbeing advantages of espresso too. Also, upon waking get ready two cups of oatmeal and blend a bit of greater than a teaspoon of cinnamon, then 'refrigerator it. Eat it in quantities for the duration of the day till it is long gone, and do that most of the time. It would possibly aid relieve the urge for food as good as scale down viable cravings for bad meals. Hope my suggestions had been of aid!

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    I understand the problems you've gone through when trying to lose weight, my friend is in the same situation as you, and nothing worked for him until he came across the diet solution program. He's been having great success with it; maybe this is something which could work for you.

    Good luck..

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    Remember when you are planning your natural weight loss program to include exercise. If you use exercise with the dietary aspects of the program, it will increase your chances of succeeding. I know, exercise does not sound like fun, but the benefits that can be gained by adding a program of regular exercise to a natural weight loss program are really important. Check out the links below for additional information.

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