What's UMASS Amherst like?

okay so im thinking about going to umass amherst cause of of it being cheap, im instate, and it seems to have a good foreignt language program... not really sure though. anyway i wanted to know that if it is only a party school, i think that basically any school is a party school but ive been reading about the school and a lot of the reviews say unless you're into partying don't come here

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  • 10 years ago
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    UMass Amherst got a rep as a party school back in the 1970s, but now it's 40+ years later. That's ancient history.

    Yes, if you want a party, you'll find one there. But the entire social life doesn't revolve around partying, so if you'd prefer *not* to party, you'll have fun there, too. Keep in mind that UMass Amherst is a top-100 ranked national university, which means it's really good - so not only is it not particularly easy to get into, but you also need to be able to handle the academics once you get there. And because it's the best public uni in Mass, and one of the best in the US, it attracts a lot of really good students who could get into some great private colleges, but choose to go to UMass instead because of the lower cost.

    My suggestion would be for you to go see the place yourself, talk to some current students, and see what you think.

    BTW, if you're interested, two residential areas at UMass where students really don't party much are Northeast and Sylvan. So if you really want to avoid the party scene entirely, request to live there.

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  • 10 years ago

    It's definitely not true that every school is a party school. It's probably true that every school has parties (although I couldn't say because I haven't been to every school). But a "party school" basically means that party life dominates the social scene. UMass is considered a party school by some, and definitely a lot of partying goes on. I don't have much experience with it except that my stepsister went there, but it's a big state school so you should expect a party scene. But at any school you'll be able to find things to do if you don't like partying, even at a party school. It's just that if party culture bothers you, you might be happier somewhere else.

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