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what if pancho villa survived and continued fighting and beat mclarnin in a rematch?

Long before the Philippines had Manny Pacquiao, or even Gabriel "Flash" Elorde, there was a Filipino boxer who mesmerized American boxing fans — Pancho Villa, the legendary name used by flyweight boxer Francisco Guilledo, who won the world flyweight boxing championship in 1923, gaining the honor as "the greatest Asian fighter in boxing history," according to

Villa, before he died at age 24, had 105 professional fights, posting a record of 73 wins (25 KOs), 5 losses, 4 draws, and 23 no-decisions.

this great filipino has achieved so much at his young career. he beat the legendary jimmy wilde and went against another legendary fighter in jimmy mclarnin. Days before the fight, Villa's face was swollen due to an ulcerated tooth. Despite his swollen face, Villa fought McLarnin but eventually lost. what if villa continued fighting and beat mclarnin? beating mclarnin could have made villa even bigger and who could have he beaten? just to go you an insight about how big mclarnin was if villa was able to beat him.

jimmy mclarnin was a fighter who started at flyweight and ended up fighting and beating all time greats in Fidel LaBarba, Louis “Kid” Kaplan, Sammy Mandell and even knocked out the great benny leonard. mclarnin also engaged in a series of fights with another all time great barney ross where many thought mclarnin beat ross 2 times. in his last 2 fights he then closed his career beating great boxers in tony canzoneri and lou ambers who at that time just beat the legendary henry armstrong.

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    Hello there bro,

    Pancho Villa started his professional career weighing as low as 86 pounds. He tried to put on some weight to make the 106 pounds, but there are times hge weighs in at 98 pounds but is still able to knock out guys way bigger than him. Pancho Villa would go into training and his trainers would put guys 20-30 pounds heavier than him but he would all dropped them. Pancho Villa's fortune came in when he Knocked Out the highly favored Jimmy Wilde who is considered by many as one of the 3 greatest boxers from Europe in all of boxing history. In fact some experts even rank Jimmy Wilde as the greatest European boxer ever and one of the top 10-15 greatest Pound for Pound Fighters in history.

    Jimmy McLarnin is a Hall of Famer himself. He has great footwork and great punching power. However, what most people realize is McLarnin came overweight against Pancho Villa by almost 10 pounds. But at that time, many of the rules for flexible and it remained a title fight despite of such disgrace on McLarnin's side. It was during the Social Darwinism era which many colored boxers were often discriminated and Pancho Villa himself experienced this in and out of the ring. Pancho Villa also had a very high fever, reports suggest that he ahd a 104 degree fever, and was suffering from tooth infection. Villa would late die of course due to his tooth infection, giving us the idea that Pancho Villa was in a very bad shape when he fought McLarnin. Had Villa was able to recover, despite of his small frame compared to the naturally larger McLarnin, Villa would have been more competitive. I call this a draw or a Split Decision that could go either way, as both fighters share their own advantages.

    Pancho Villa isn't a Manny Pacquiao type. He was more than that. He was more of a Flash Elorde and Pacquaio together. He had great footwork, combinations, power, and speed like Manny but had the slickness, reflex, accuracy, and counter punching like Elorde. Pancho Villa is ranked higher than Roy Jones Jr., Aaron Pryor, Jack Dempsey, Jersey Joe Walcott, or Bob Fitzsimmons in Bert Sugar's top fighters ever. This indeed suggest that Villa was a great fighter who would be competitive against any Hall of Famers, including the likes of Jimmy McLarnin.

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    Fighters before is way much different than boxers nowadays. They make match up between a Bantamweight against a Flyweight just to have a fight. These practices happens even in the modern times in the Philippines. Filipinos fighters were being match against another fighters disregarding weight classes.

    Filipino fighter went to the neighboring countries like Japan or Korea fighting boxers way bigger than them just for money. I just don't know if they still do this but I know that during my younger days in the Philippines, These practices were common.

    To satisfy that Pancho Villa can beat Mclarnin in a rematch through speculations and guessing is unfair. Definitely, Pancho is not in a proper condition when he fought Jimmy. Scarcity of money could be the reason why Pancho fought in that condition which won't happen in the modern days. The extraction of that tooth and the infection that follows adds to his death

    I can not define the ranking of P4P any better than what these fighters was doing before jumping from one weight class to another competing.

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    Pancho Villa Boxer

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    Yeah Villa is one of the greatest boxers of all time.

    think about it at age 24 he had 105 fights!!!!!!! name a large number of fighters who could do that before 24 let alone 30! (though correct me if I am wrong)

    If he had survived I think he would have been an all time great however given his size much like Finito Lopez he will only be in the hearts and minds of true boxing fans and historians but the casual fan may have no idea which is their loss as far as I am concerned.

    I hate that greatness is measured by size all this love over the heavier weights when their are so many great fighters in the lower weight divisions.Don't get me wrong I also enjoy the heavier fighters as well I just hate that people regard them over smaller weight fighters instead of respecting them in the same level.

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    I read a very old article about this fight and apparently the real reason why he went on with the fight was because he didn't want to disappoint his fellow Filipinos who already came to Oakland to watch him fight..even with a swollen face...

    If he won against Mclarnin he probably would've held the title for years and elevated himself as one of the very best...the crazy thing about this fight was Villa actually took 3 of the first six rounds (out of 10) his body just couldn't hold up against the bigger Mclarnin...probably due to his swollen face.

    Villa already did what Pacquiao is doing today to his people...Every time he fought he united the people of P.I. back then it didn't matter where one was Bisaya or Tagalog everyone would cheer for Villa...He also gave away the money he earned to his people...he was invited to the house of the president (just like Pacquiao) and he showed great concern for his beaten opponents...again, just like Pac....he was also able to fill arenas just like who? yes just like Pac...every generation a great Filipino boxer emerges (like Villa and Flash, etc.) so everything we're currently seeing in Pacquiao is just history repeating itself....

    Villa was also a pioneer...he changed the game forever with his style...he was the first, along with other Filipino boxers who had their guards very low and seemed like they were holding knives in reverse grip (many experts say it derived from Filipino martial art Kali)....he was also one of the Filipino boxers who introduced triangular stepping to western boxing (also part of Kali).....

    As seen in this illustration of his fight agaisnt Goldstein →

    Contrary to popular belief many Filipino boxers were actually slick...the other all-time Filipino boxers were slick (Villa, Flash)'s only Pacquiao that really has an awkward style that kinda gave Filipinos the stereotype of being brawlers/sluggers....

    Photo: Villas last boxing fight →{a536373...

    If there was a fighter deserving of the distinction of the greatest smallest boxer ever I believe it's this man Pancho Villa...a guy who stood 5'1

    Fact: Henry Armstrong couldn't beat Kid Moro (drew twice) a guy Villa knocked out twice in his career..

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