Palestine and Israel Conflict?

Can someone please explain the Israel and Palestine conflict to me?. Like what caused it. Why was Israel created when most of the Muslims in Palestine didn't agree with it? Why do the Israelis treat the Palestine so poorly? I have head a lot about the Conflict but I must admit I only know tid bits.


So if Britain and The Most Muslim countries where locked out of the creation of Israel or just flat out didn't agree to it, and the US went over there heads. Doesn't that violate UN law? Also why was it so important to have a Jewish state?

Update 2:

So it's everyone attacking each other?? It's not just Jewish people attacking Muslims? Cause from my understanding the Jews just came

in and started slaughtering and subjugating the Muslims. Well that's what I've heard at least.

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    Simple: The UN formed Israel and Palestine in 1948. The Arab countries refused to acknowledge it and wanted the land for themselves so they invaded. Israel was ready; Palestine was not so Israel survived and Palestine was absorbed into Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. The Arabs invaded Israel again; Israel won and annexed parts of Jordan, Syria, and Egypt. Same happened again. US diplomacy convinced Israel and Egypt to stop being enemies - Israel evacuated the Gaza but Egypt no longer wanted it and a humanitarian group, HAMAS, changed into a terrorist group with their charter calling for genocide against Israelis. Later Jordan signed the treaty - Israel evacuated parts of the west bank but insisted on a more or less physical border for defense purposes (the original one, based on Jewish majority areas, was very contorted and hard to defend). This is the contested area of the west bank. Israel declared Jerusalem as its capital - the Muslim Palestinians (Israelis are also Palestinians) considered it their future capital. Muslim Palestinians in occupied areas started to murder Israelis in an organized fashion and Israel retaliated. This pattern is still going on. Rockets are launched at Israeli civilians and Israel attacks in retaliation targeting leaders but invariably killing possibly innocent people too. Palestine made peace with Israel and Israel recognized its right to exist. HAMAS then won elections in the Gaza but then rebelled against Palestine murdering all government representatives it could find. HAMAS still attacks Israeli civilians and Israel will not sign a Palestinian peace treaty until this stops. Whenever people kill others randomly, the population becomes incensed - Israelis are not immune to this so have treated some Palestinians shabbily.

    Israel was created because the world was responsible for the holocaust so felt guilty - and likely wanted to be rid of their own Jews. The original area of Israel was majority Jew - there was no Muslim majority there. The Jews simply did not want to repeat what had happened to them in Europe - living inside another country was no different. Indeed, prior to Israel, Jews and Muslims were friendly and there were large Jewish populations wherever there were large Muslim ones. This changed as Muslim countries stole the Jews land and property and expelled them. These now bitter people emigrated mostly to Israel.

    While counterproductive, the Israeli actions were the effect, not the cause and fully understandable. If the Arabs would stop murdering Jewish Palestinians, one would see the whole thing quickly pass into history and the area peaceful. It is really silly as the rump of Palestine (3/5s of Palestine is in Jordan and 1/10 is Israel or Israel occupied) has little water and depends on Israel for it and the Gaza receives most of its food from Israel; much of it is free. The PLO has seen reality and renounced terrorism but HAMAS is too filled with hatred to do so and is stalling the whole process.

    One other thing - you speak of the majority of Palestinians but Palestine was a British invention after the Ottoman Empire collapsed. The people living there were not united so speaking of an overall majority is nonsense.

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      excellent response

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  • Ok, Credit to you for wanting to know more, some people just have a blind eye to the situation and push it to the side. And you'll probally find that you won't have many people who actually LIVE in palesting answering this, because many don't own a computer. "saftey risk"

    I seriously think you should watch occupation 101 . not biased at all. It states why and When Israel was made. Explains the time during WW2 and after it. How the Jews had nowhere else to go at the time of WW2 because... .and the most recent events and the occupation. its a great documentary.

    "Occupation 101 includes interviews with mostly American and Israeli scholars, religious leaders, humanitarian workers, and NGO representatives — more than half of whom are Jewish — who are critical of the injustices and human rights abuses stemming from Israeli policy in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza." <<< quoted but like I said. Its from both sides :)

    This is a link to a short clip of Occupation 101.... if you have time though you should find and watch the full thing. it shows it from the Israeli side and from the Palestinian side :)

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is a video I found. Quick and to the point. :)

    Youtube thumbnail

    oh an check this out... its really good.

    Youtube thumbnail

    about a month or two ago I watch "the lemon tree" its pretty good too :) but keep in consideration that it was directed by an Israeli. It has subtitles.

    Oh and this is just a picture of how the map looked and looks like. Palestine was made up of Jews, Muslims and Christians all living together without fear of whos who. They didn't care what religion you were, they babysat each others kids. p.s watch occupation 101 -awarded best documentary too!

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    After WW2 and each and all the lifeless Jews that HItler massacred, the international desperate that the Jews needed a native land. SO rather of giving them a place in Germany, they desperate "howdy why no longer provide them Palestine?" who cares if there are a gaggle of brown-skinned people already residing there? regrettably, no longer in user-friendly terms like the community people who had a similar element take place to them, The Palestinians did no longer flow away. to place issues in attitude, by way of fact the 1940's much less then 3000 Israeli's have been killed via Palestinians, 3 hundred Palestinians have been killed via Israel in the final week

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    the region has always had jews, muslims, christians and others living there.

    Since WW1 the jews had been pushing for a jewish state.. and after the war Britain controlled the area. throughout the 20s and 30s they negotiated this new state Jews/ Britain..everyone else was completely ignored and left OUT of the when Britain decided to created a jewish state, you can image the anger of the non-jews who live there..they eventually revolted against this new state, and with Americans might and muscle, they easily defeated them...then they took EVEN MORE land that Britain hadnt allocated to Isreal..and since then they keep taking more..every year more and more illegal settlements in Palestine.. So when you hear on the news about Palestinians attacking poor innocent jewish settlements...its because they are illegal

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    Israel was created post-WWII because Irgun and other Jewish terrorist groups terrorized the British into handing over the land to them. (Palestine was a British mandate at the time.)

    Why do the Israelis treat the Palestinians so poorly? One could guess that they learned well from their Nazi tormentors.

    Affinity: not only are your "statistics" skewed, your assertion that the creation of Israel was "democracy" in action is laughable. Palestinian Arabs were NOT allowed to vote!

    Would you consider it "democratic" if squatters took over half your home, and told you What's the problem? We're letting you keep HALF of it!

    Educatedtexaschick: You really ARE educated, to not buy into Zionist-generated brainwashing! :) IF the Jewish people needed a homeland---and I personally dispute that they did---it should have been created in Germany. The Palestinians had naught to do with the Holocaust, but they certainly paid the price for it.

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    The British took almost 80% of palestine and gave it independence in 1946 and renamed it Jordan.

    They immediately seized all Jewish property and began ethnically cleansing the palestinian Jews from the 80% of palestine that was now called Jordan and pushing them in to the remaining 20% of palestine. (In part this is important because even though "palestine in 1948" was only 20% of the size of "palestine in 1947," people treat statistics on "palestine" as if it is the same size.)

    The remaining 20% of palestine that was not indepedent yet now had the palestinian Arabs that had lived in that 20% + all the Jews that had lived in 100% of palestine squished in to it.

    At that time, Palestinian Jews owned about 7% of all the land in "palestine in 1948." Palestinian Arabs owned about 5% of all the land in Palestine. The Government (UK) owned about 70% and Non-Palestinian/foreign Arabs owned the rest. (For over a thousand years, most land in palestine has been government owned and rented out.)

    The UN voted to give both groups independence by creating 2 new states with borders and govt based on demographic majority. This is democracy.

    Majority Jewish areas would be Israel; Majority Arab areas would be an Arab state; and majority Jewish Jerusalem would be an international city.

    Jews accepted it.

    Arabs rejected it and promised to commit genocide.

    And they tried.

    Arabs attacked Israel immediately and did ethnically cleanse ALL Jews from all land seized by Arabs in 1948. They ethnically cleansed Jews from Jerusalem and the West Bank and Gaza. (That is why there were no Jews there in 1967 when Israel won the land from Jordan in a war after Jordan attacked Israel first.)

    Jews invited Arabs to stay. Many did. Today 20% of all Israeli citizens and elected MKs are Arab Israeli citizens. Did ANY Jews push any Arabs out? Probably. But that was the exception and the 20% figure of Arab Israelis shows that.

    Also in 1948, Arab states ethnically cleansed about 800,000 Jews, seized their property and killed them or forced them to leave, pushing them out of Arab states and in to Israel.

    For your other questions:

    It is quite legal. The land belonged to the UK to do with as they chose.

    And they chose to create Jordan with 80% and turn the rest over to the UN to do as they chose.

    Before the UK, it was occupied by two different Ottoman Empires. That region has not been independent since the Jewish kingdom of Judea was conquered by the Romans.

    If you google dhimmi and dhimmitude you can learn what it was like there earlier.

    Arabs began ethnic cleansing of Jews in 1929 from Hebron.

    Arabs began the fighting in 1948.

    And almost every war so far there has been started by Arabs.

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  • 10 years ago

    The Balfour Declaration was a disaster waiting to happen . Just ask yourself this question. How would you feel if half of your country was given to some European Jews or any other race or religion, something that's never happened in the history of mankind To date its cost both Jews and Palestinians tens of thousands of lives and its still ongoing. A monumental mistake from both Britain and the UN

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