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I have Halo video game questions?

Okay theres this guy and i was telling this guy and this girl at p.e how i was at my cousins house and there was nothing to do so we went to his room and i tried to play halo, then this guy (im not saying names so his name is guy A) so guy A overheard and said 'you play halo?' then i tried to explain but he said 'well if you played for over an hour you may as well of said yeah you play halo' and since that day he tries to talk to me and stuff and he told me about this halo game he was playing and i think hes gonna start asking me about halo.

I think he likes me, and he said im cool that i can play halo and not act like a guy

but i cant afford a game system of my own

So any one, If you play Halo....

What is the name is it ocarina of time or something like that?

what are the weapon names

best uses of weapons

main theme of game

how you play

Basically anything i need to know about Halo and all that, because i want to be able to be friends with a guy and be able to talk to him about stuff that isnt kissing and relationships, because if your just friends with a guy but have no common interests, eventually you stop talking or you get together

so please give me tha Halo information..

Oh and do you play Halo on an x box or a playstation, if its x box is it x box 360 or what

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'd suggest you come clean/get a way to play it with a friend. Whatever, I'll try and help out with the original series (Halo 1-3, there are "sequels" though with alternate storylines but I'll stick to the original 3). It's just called Halo 1-3, Ocarina of Time is Legend of Zelda. There are different weapons in each game, but for the most part it's Assault Rifle (not in Halo 2), Battle Rifle (not in Halo 1; is good for mid-range headshots), Shotgun (all 3 games obviously good for close range), Pistol (No zoom in Halo 2 but has 2x zoom in Halo 1 and 3), and there are a few big weapons like in Halo 3 there's a Spartan Laser and in all three there's the Rocket Launcher. The main theme is there's this alien group called the Covenant and they're trying to use the Halo rings and they're also fighting with the humans (why they are fighting in number one isn't really established in the game but it is in the books... yes, there are books about the games). Near the end of Halo 1 you discover that the rings are supposed to stop these zombie-creating parasites called Flood by killing all sentient life, not the Flood. The Covenant insist on using the rings thinking it'll take them to the Holy Planet with Forerunners (the ones who made the seven rings) and so you have to stop them so people can survive. You end up destroying the ring in Halo 1. Halo 2 you continue fighting the aliens but the Brutes are new, they're like gorillas but they're intelligent. You end up playing as the Arbiter for a bit (he was a banished Elite, the main alien enemies, but he's being restored into the military of theirs) and you have to kill heretic aliens. Near the end of Halo 2 you fight the lead Brute (they're ordered by the leaders of the Covenant, the Prophets, to kill the Elites) but before that the Elites, Grunts, and Hunters all team up (go to the Halo wiki to see what Hunters and Grunts are) with the Humans. You also killed a Prophet as Master Chief (the main character). You also leave your AI Cortana behind at the end. Halo 3 begins and you have to save your commanding officer (Johnson) from some Brutes. For some reason all the aliens that were on your side in the last game are now your enemies with the exception of the Arbiter. In this one you just end up fighting a lot with not a lot of story. At one point you team up with the Flood who has a master controller (Gravemind) for a level. At the end of that level you kill the last Prophet (the third and final one killed; second one was killed earlier by Flood) and the Flood turn against you. Miranda dies there (again, go to Halo wiki for background info on her) and you fight your way out. Later you meet up with 343 (you met him in Halo 1 but he was really a minor character then) and he kills Johnson because you guys want the ring off but he wants it to stay active so it can kill all sentient beings. By the way, I forgot to mention only humans can activate the rings because they're descendants of Forerunners who built them. Okay, so now you get revenge on 343 and kill him. You escape and as the ring is falling apart, you drive off and fly into your ship. You fly through the Ark (your way away from the ring) and half the ship goes through. Arbiter makes it back to Earth while Master Chief is left on the other half of the ship floating through space alive in a cryo-freeze thing. You can play Halo 1 (and I think 2) on PC but most people play them on the Xbox or the Xbox 360. First two were for regular Xbox and from then on it was all 360. Your welcome and feel free to ask me anymore questions by e-mailing me.

    Source(s): Avid Halo player (only first three though, haven't played the "sequels" yet)
  • 1 decade ago

    I will tell you what the plot is halo is a game about war against the covaints(the alien people) and the uncsc(the humans). Both are trying to have control of earth the covaints are trying to destroy earth.

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