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Any advice on where to live if you are being stationed at Beale AFB?

I have been looking at Rocklin and Roseville but they are a fairly long commute. Thanks for your help!

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    Hello KC.

    Never attempt to look for family housing on you own. Always go through the military family housing office on base. It is a "mandatory stop before you commit yourself to private housing off base."

    Send a copy of your PCS orders to Beale Family Housing office and you can be registered for on-base family housing 30 days before your arrival.

    Military Family Housing

    Beale's military family housing is nestled among the foothills of the Sierra Nevada approximately 10 miles from the flight line and the noise associated with flying operations.

    The units in housing are California ranch style, split-level and duplex. Each unit is equipped with a range, refrigerator, dishwasher and modern central heating and air conditioning.

    In June 1998, the base completed construction on the second phase of the "Mountain View" housing area. There are 12 four-bedroom and 119 two-bedroom junior enlisted homes. These units are thoroughly modern, ranch-style homes with vaulted ceilings, ceiling fans and single-car garages. In addition, 48 new 2 bedroom junior enlisted units in the Brookview area became available in October 2002.

    To be placed on the waiting list for base housing, complete a DD Form 1746, Application for Military Housing, and forward the application along with a copy of your orders through your present housing office to the Beale housing office.

    Your name will be placed on the waiting list effective the day you leave your previous duty location.

    When you are placed on the housing list, you will receive notification by mail with an explanation of the estimated waiting time. This estimate is made based on your arrival month and the category of housing you are eligible for.

    Housing Assistance

    The housing assistance office can really take the legwork out of looking for an apartment or house and it's a mandatory stop before you commit yourself to private housing off base. They have a listing of most available rentals with price, location, phone numbers, pet restrictions and what each has to offer. This allows you to greatly narrow your choice before leaving the base.

    House-Hunting Permissive TDY

    Permissive TDY is authorized for those members who plan on occupying non-government quarters in the vicinity of Beale. A maximum of 10 calendar days (including travel time) can be approved for members (including married military couples) who have received formal assignment notification.

    For more information regarding house-hunting trips, stop in at your unit orderly room and review AFI 36-3003.

    Permanent Off-Base Housing

    In order to receive maximum assistance, you must report to the housing management office before committing yourself to private housing off base. This is a legal requirement that helps ensure all of our people receive equal and fair opportunity for housing.

    Rent for one and two-bedroom apartments and duplexes in the Marysville-Yuba City area ranges from $600 to $950 per month, unfurnished. House rents start at $1,000. Required deposits vary. Most off-base housing is 10 to 25 miles from the main gate. Rent usually does not include gas and electricity. Monthly utility bills may start at $80 and can exceed $200 a month. The utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric, may charge a deposit of $160 although there are different programs to arrange the initial deposit payment. There is also a fee for phone service and a deposit may also be required depending on your past history with other telephone companies.

    Homes for sale are plentiful. Prices also vary depending on area.

    For more information, call the housing office at (530) 634-2793/4 or DSN 368-2793/4.

    Best wishes,

    Larry Smith

    Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/infomgt/forms/e... Housing application form. Print out and send. Fall the housing office for the address. http://www.beale.af.mil/library/newcomerinfo/index... Linda, CA is only 21 miles from base and Yuba City is 25 miles. You don't want to be driving 66 miles one way to Roseville/Rocklin just because it is closer to Sacramento. Remember, you will need "2" cars if you don't live on base. Or your wife will be stuck at home while you work! Mileage can add up expenses. And, off-base air conditioning will bankrupt you. Be careful. Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989.
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    Rocklin is not that far...........my son has been doing it for the past 2 years and has 1 more year to go......at least in Rocklin you have some excellent places to live on a reasonable budget where if you get the right place there is a HUGE amount of stuff to do within walking distance...........

    He had a room in one house that was close to the base but got out of that VERY quickly it is rough area and they seem to ignore the fact that you as a military member can NOT be around drugs.

    Good luck and enjoy Beale, my son has had a great time there and while not looking to stay there he would not be devastated if he got it again in the future.........

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    i would say either rocklin or roseville. even though its a longer commute. i live in roseville and i like it here. theres everything. tons of stores. its a nice place.

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    Check Wheatland, Marysville and Yuba City. Beale is the base I retired at. I loved it there. Good Luck to you!

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