I need a science fair project idea Fast!?

I need to start my science fair project! I'm in the 8th grade. Also I don't want to pay for ideas! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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  • 3 years ago

    very rather sufficient i additionally had a technological know-how honest in grade 7 and that i gained first place. this grew to become into my challenge it rather is quite rapidly forward yet seems perplexing to do. you employ electrolysis of water. in fact you place electric powered cutting-edge with the aid of water and this produces hydrogen and oxygen, all you actual prefer for this challenge is a lantern battery or any DC power grant, somewhat twine and aluminum foil as your electrodes (or any electric powered conductor that doesn't react with water,oxygen,hydrogen----even theory aluminum does rust it does not take place as speedy as iron might so it rather is extra effective--i say this by way of fact on the adverse electrode oxygen is produced and that makes maximum metals rust quite rather ), you besides mght desire a field and a pair of smaller bins that could be used to seize the oxygen and hydrogen some information: - the extra floor area your electrodes have the speedier this works - the nearer the two electrodes the speedier it works - do no longer enable the electrodes touch - save checking your battery so as that it does not get warm - in case your utilizing a power grant any element between 5-30V is stable, yet extra importantly the severe the amperage(A,mA) the extra speedier you're able to try this without overheating and burning out your power grant - in case you prefer you are able to upload something acidic/uncomplicated to the water and this quickens the technique - yet i do no longer recommend it because it motives side chemical reactions;which a million will possibly no longer enable you get you hydrogen and oxygen, and a pair of could be risky for you for a great style of tips approximately this style in electrolysis of water in wikipedia it explains in large element desire this permits

  • 9 years ago

    im not sure if you are a makeup girl, but you could see which mascaras are really waterproof, by putting on different kinds and taking showers and recording which ones stay on best.

  • 9 years ago

    it's very little kid like, but heres a website that can give inspiration


    good luck



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