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Hooking up an old 13" white macbook to a 22" Vizio m221nv?

Trying to hook up my 13" white macbook to my 22" Vizio HDTV. The model number is m221nv.

This is what the back of the TV looks like:

These are the only ports.

This is what the ports on my laptop look like:

The display port is mini DVI. I was going to get this:

Hook the adapter into the Mini DVI port then use an HDMI cable to my TV.

The only problem is that the late model macbooks don't support audio through that port (New ones do.) So what would be the best way to get audio from my macbook to play through the tv?

I've tried hooking up a mini mac to it (the picture was fine), there wasn't really any port for the audio. i used a red and white AV cable to hook it up to my TV. First i plugged it into the AV ports on my TV. As expected, nothing through either the HDMI input channel or AV channel. Then i tried it with an adapter that came with the TV. The adapter plugged into the RGB PC audio port. Again as i expected. Nothing.

So again, what would be the easiest way to play audio from my laptop to my TV using an HDMI port for the picture? or isn't there a way with this TV? Any good suggestions for another option?

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    What you need is this: " and a long enough HDMI cable. When I looked, they were all out of stock, so you'll have to scour elsewhere for one; I would try eBay first. Another solution is a display port to VGA dongle, a long enough VGA cable, and a mini headphone plug going from your laptop into the "AUDIO" jack, right next to the "RGB PC" connector.

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