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how come i get sick from steam room?

everytime i try the steam room i end up with a chest congestion

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  • 10 years ago
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    Steam should de-congest your chest, not the other way round. Perhaps the steam is perfumed with something which you have a mild allergy towards and this irritates your lungs. Otherwise your chest may be blocked but be dry, and the steam might just be loosening the phelgm, making you feel as if you are congested, but actually helping to clear your chest. If phelgm comes up when you cough then that cough is productive and is helping to unblock your chest. Steam will normally loosen phelgm. In your case though something in the steam may be affecting your chest if its making it worse. I really do not know what it could be. Perhaps the steam machine is faulty and the steam is mixed with smoke due to lack of water in the system. :(

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