why isnt my computer working correctly?

okay, so i have been playing this game on and off since the month it came out. never have i had any problems with it until recently. i have a laptop with windows vista (that i did play wizard101 for a while on) and i guess i treated it rough so the charger got jacked up so much that if the charger falls out then i have to get an exact-o knife and push it down while i put in the actual charger plug. So the plug fell out and 5 - 10 days later i found the knife and put the charger back in. so first i turn it on to see my screen is blown up 2x its normal size. i didnt care so much so i tried to play w101 anyway. i got a message basically saying that i couldnt play. so i went to go play roblox and the same message (different words) popped up. i fixed the size problem but the games still wont work

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    1 decade ago
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    It is possible that your system had a malfunction earlier and damaged the RAM. Recently my entire school district had this problem in which all apps requiring more than 200 mb of RAM crashed, and anything networked had to be disconnected. This was caused from a virus sent through an email.

    My advice to you is to take your laptop to BestBuy and have their specialist check it out. You can also do this at Staples and several other facilities.

    Have you downloaded anything recently that may have harmed your pc? (Freeware, Emoticons, Screensavers, Email attachments, or webpages that requested pdfs?)

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