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How did the Jesuits create a divide among the Huron natives?

I'm really confused about what the Jesuits did while at New France. How did they impact it? This is my main question, but additional information is much appreciated. Thanks! 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!

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    The Jesuits did not divide the Huron.

    By the 1640s French traders and Jesuit missionaries were well established in the Huron villages to the south of Georgian Bay, an arm of Lake Huron. The trading post at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons was the center of their missionary activity. Rivalries between the Huron and the Five Nations Iroquois to the south were further stoked by commercial competition in the fur trade: In the same way that the Huron acted as middlemen to the French, the Five Nations were allied with the Dutch traders out of Albany, in what is today the state of New York. These rivalries increased until the well-organized, heavily armed Five Nations began an assault on the Huron homeland. French missionaries were martyred and many Huron killed; by 1650 the Jesuits had abandoned their Christian initiative and the Huron, too, had left the area to their conquerors, either retreating with the French towards the St. Lawrence River or moving further north and west. Within a few years other Huron had been forced to leave, and the Five Nations were supreme in southern Ontario.

    Source(s): Encarta
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