have to reboot my computer and don't want to lose my music?

so my computer got a really bad virus that was so bad it even crippled my anti virus from quarantining it. we don't have money to take it to somewhere like office depot where they could fix it. so we're giving my tower to this guy we know who fixes computers as a career and from what he's heard about our problem he's afraid at this point all he could do is restore it to factory default. my itunes is on this computer and i have a couple ideas to try and save it like try and copy it to a flash drive or once my computer is rebooted just reinstall itunes and sync my ipod to my library and hope that works. the easier option would be to copy my itunes to a cd or sign up with a program like carbonite and back up my itunes and music before rebooting but those aren't options because we don't have the money for carbonite nor will my infected computer allow me to access the internet and unfortunately my computer doesn't have a cd burner in it. so what do you guys think of my ideas? do you think they will work? or do any of you have any other ideas? serious answers only please and thank you

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  • 10 years ago
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    depending on how much music you have and how big your flash drive is, you can do it that way. or you can move all of your music to an external hard drive which u would have to buy. usually $50-$100. If you have an ipod with all of your music from your itunes on it, you can download a program to copy all of your music back to your computer after its been rebooted. www.getsharepod.com/download/ is where you can download a free program called sharepod which allows for such a task. its free and i used it when i rebooted my computer. Hope one of these suggestions work. Good Luck!

    to the guy that posted below me: the only problem with that is that if his itunes is empty after the reboot, and he syncs his ipod again, all of the music will be deleted off of his ipod because it's syncing what you have in your itunes to your ipod. if nothing is in your itunes, it'll copy that to your ipod so u have nothing. your best bet would to just do my sharepod suggestion as i stated above.

  • 10 years ago

    Well if you have all your music on your Ipod you could just recover it all from your Ipod.What you would have to do once you have your computer is go online and get Sharepod. Don't worry it's free,and awesome. I had an issue once where I had to start my music collection all over again because of a virus. If I had known about this program then it would have saved a lot of trouble. Anyways enough about me, let's get back to you. You would download Sharepod and then connect your Ipod. After that you would run Sharepod. It should recognize your device and you should see all the music and videos on your Ipod. Then all you have to do is click Backup Ipod, choose where you want it to be on your computer and Taadaa! Your music is now back..

    Look it up on google or just click the link below. I used it and it's was awesome, I was so happy to have my music back on my computer. Hope this helps!


    Source(s): Getsharepod.com My personal experience with this program.
  • 10 years ago

    The problem with the flash drive is that it may have infected your music files on the computer, so putting them onto it when its fixed can restart the virus. Try to resync it when its fixed, thats about all you can do.

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