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how do i qualify team USA taekwondo member?

i am a 17 year old black belt and am in great shape. ive been out of fighting for a year however because i had to have leg surgery, but im back and ready to go. im dying to fight for USA but i dont how to qualify for Pan Am, or even qualify for the Olympic trials. forgive my ignorance but 2011 will be my first year fighting in big events i just dont know where to start


oh yeah, im a featherweight 17 year old GIRL. not a guy

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    USA Taekwondo is under WTF (World Taekwondo Federation).

    Because WTF is the only organization that been a member under International Olympic Committee (IOC), so if your dojang been under said organization, then approach your Instructor to compete you on some qualification tournament for you to achieve your main aim.

    But if the dojang you are playing with are not a member under WTF, then you have no chance to do so.

    Good luck


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    I hate to say it but you are a little late for this and the attached web site will give you information about this which is taking place this weekend. US teams are comprised of members who qualify for them and that usually takes place early in that year or late the year before like it does for karate. This web site will also help get you to where you can go for 2012 competition and if you start training now you could be ready for the team trials for that team which will not be set until later this year.

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