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CM asked in SportsHockey · 10 years ago

What's up with Avs fans?

They used to sell-out every game, but last night they only got about 12,000 fans in the Pepsi Centre to watch them play the Coyotes.

It's not that they're a bad team, they are currently 2nd in the NW Division.


They average about 14,000 this year.

BQ - Have you ever met Jimmy Waite?

BQ2 - Do you have a Taylor Hall rookie card?

Update 2:

What will Bettman do about this?

Do you see a winter classic game in Colorado in the near future?

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    I have found this to be a little perplexing the last couple of years.....but I am told that the #1 factor is the economy. I think it has to extend beyond that but that is the perplexing part. Maybe a lack of star Roy, Sakic, Bourque et al. I think that probably has some validity, there best players, guys like Statsny and Duchene, are not the star draw type that put butts in the seats. I wonder if they had a Sidney Crosby type if it would change their fortunes. Again, it apparently is an economic thing though.

    BQ- No, I have not. Who is he? (it's why you never take a goalie early...listening LITY)

    BQ2- No I do not. I only collect Philadelphia memorabilia aside from a few things I have bought at charity auctions, family stuff, local players like Crosby....90% of my stuff is Philly related, including cards.

    Last Q......what can he do really? Hope that it turns around, maybe a good playoff run could do that or a change in the economy and I am not sure he is capable of stabilizing a major cities economy.

    Winter classic there? Apparently not.......atleast an NBC version......LITY mentioned that they were not interested in televising teams from the west, and really, why would they want to be? They do not have the same viewing draw.

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    Because they used to, like Detroit, dominate the West and the league.

    They had Sakic, Blake, Hejduk, Forsberg, Foote, Roy, Drury, De Vries, and so many other exciting stars to watch.

    Now those guys are slowing down or retired, they used to be so exciting to watch.

    Now, even if I was an Avs fan, would be bored to watch them, Duchene is the only exciting player there and he hasn't developed yet. Well Stastny is alright too

    Go Canucks Go!

    Bq 1 and 2- No

    Bettman is an idiot, he obviously doesn't care and just wants his job, he won't do anything.

    No I do not for the time being

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    Denver is the smallest city to have four major sports teams, and the Avs aren't dethroning the Broncos or Rockies any time soon. Add in a bad economy and unless they are the defending champs I can't see them getting back to their old sellout ways anytime soon.

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    Maybe it's because they were playing the Coyotes?? Or maybe because of the economy?

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  • 10 years ago

    they need to start proving themselves again like they did back then in the sakic forsberg days to really attract fans

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