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what is the best motor oil (brand) for Prius 08?

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  • JerryJ
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    1 decade ago
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    The brand isn't important. What's important is the tests that it passes and the weight. Use a 5W-30 oil that meets both ACEA A5/B5 and ILSAC GF4. The 5W-30 is mandatory, the ACEA A5/B5 and ILSAC ILSAC GF4 are actually better quality than the owners manual calls for, but only the best oils pass both (there is now a new ILSAC GF5 standard that surpasses the GF4).

    Buying oil is a lot like buying bread at the store. The only thing that is important on the bread package is the ingredients label. Everything else is "sales puffery". Terms like "all natural" are meaningless. For motor oil, the only thing that is important are the standards that it meets. Terms like "synthetic" are just marketing hype, though I don't know of any oil that passes the above standards and doesn't also say "synthetic" somewhere on the label. Note that the converse is not true. There are plenty of oils that say "synthetic" and don't meet the highest standards. You must look on the label. Two oils that I know pass both (when I last bought oil for my Prius) are Castrol Syntec and the 15,000 Mobil1 (but only the 15,000 mile Mobil1, other Mobil1 oils don't pass both). You need to check this every time you purchase oil because specifications change often without notice.

    Perhaps surprisingly, the Toyota oil filter is actually quite good with more filter material than most of the aftermarket filters. There is a crush washer that you have to buy separately when you replace the filter.

    Do not add any additives to the oil like STP, Slick 50, etc. These have been proven time and time again to have no value and may be detrimental because they could react badly with the additives in the "regular" oil. The only thing they might do is increase MPG by reducing the weight in your wallet.

    Source(s): My 2001 and 2004 Prius with 85,000 and 115,000 trouble-free miles respectively. Yahoo Prius groups Government testing Prius owners manual
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Oil For Prius

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    Bedford, All New car dealers will change your oil if you choose to buy our own oil and bring it in. Motorcraft DuraBlend is an excellent choice. It would be perfectly OK to make the switch. Motorcraft oil filters are the very best premium ones made by Purolator equal in quality to AC-Delco. I don't know if it's gospel but I've heard more than once that all Motorcraft oil is actually bottled by Valvoline. Last week I noticed you could buy full synthetic Valvoline in Walmart for $21.00 for a five quart bottle. I caught Valvoline semi-synthetic in sale during the Winter in Walmart. Can't remember what I paid for it. We have a "one-horse" chain hardware store in town called Valu-Home Center. They spring sales occasionally on Kendall Full Synthetic 5W-30 for $3.50 per qt. I've done my own oil and filter changes for 49 years. I plan on doing it till the day I turn to fertilizer. I guess I'm far too fussy to let somebody drain the oil for five minutes or less instead of a longer period of time or screw-up installing the oil filter.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I'm partial to Castrol, Penzoil or Mobil are excellent. It isn't so much the name as long as you get a good's regular changing, new filter every time and other maintenance that will make your car last.

  • 1 decade ago

    id go with STP or lucas oil. i work at a mechanics shop. these oils do a great job and have even stopped cars from ticking

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