Mass Effect 2 general questions?

i recently got the game, and it's really fun. i feel like im dont understand the fundamentals of the game, though. Im experienced with fps and rpg games.

for example, how does the class system work? i'm a soldier, playing on the hardcore difficulty. im good at pure gunfighting due to other games like gears of war and call of duty. I don't ever really know who to pick for my squad, how to get better armor/guns, and what strategies to use against different enemies. what powers/classes/squad members are good against shields, armor, and/or barriers?

just answer what you know.

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    Wow, that is quite general.

    I guess as far as the squad goes, you just go with who you like best. They never really do much when I play, as I like to do most of the fighting. I really just bring Tali and Garrus everywhere, as them's mah girl and mah bro. It doesn't matter too much unless you're really getting technical.

    You get better armor pieces at stores, mostly on Omega and the Citadel, and put them on in Normandy's captain's quarters. Better guns are lying around some of the missions, just look for them.

    All of the classes are good at killing enemies, it's just choosing how you prefer to kill them. If you just want to shoot stuff, stick with soldier. If you want to throw things around with your brain, be a vanguard or adept, etc. And if you want your squad to be good at killing things, Grunt, Garrus and Thane are the best choices.

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    If ya so worried google walkthrough mass effect 2. It'll give ya some hints on what u should choose.

    You can also try IGN.

    When I first played the game I would select answers based on my feeling. And this led to some serious consequences later.

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    if you are a soldier you are battle ready, or at least able to level up to some good armor/gun abilities....i'd take squad members like mordin (his inferno ability can be deadly if you level it up) and miranda or garrus with heavy overload...overload some shields, light them on fire then you can take em down...

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