Want to take a trip to romania?

Im thinking of going on a trip alone to romania, maybe one of the tours available online. Are the electrical outlets there the same as in North America? Do most people over there speak English, or should I try to learn some Romanian? Please suggest anything else I may need to do to prepare to go here, Ive never travelled anywhere.

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    9 years ago
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    No power outlets are not the same as in the US. Most people obviously speak Romanian, and just English alone is not 100% useful. I wouldn't go alone, especially if you don't know the language, or the country. Major cities are not the same as they are in the US, you can get lost, and you will either use the public transportation system, or taxis. You might want to get a hotel in Bucharest for the night, or maybe 2, and have someone to take you there from the airport, I think you can find a taxi, or a small bus. Visit Bucharest, a day or two, then got to Brasov, from there you can see the old city, then go to Bran castle, you can go visit many other historical sites in Romania, but be a little careful, as some people might try to fool you into taking your money, just because you don't know Romanian, or how things work.

    You could rent a car, but make sure you know how to drive a manual transmission, since they charge more for an automatic. Also some of the traffic laws are different, and traffic can be erratic + be careful about pedestrians in cities, and in communes if you decide to go trough one.

    If you never traveled anywhere, then maybe having someone to guide you might be of help. I remember I had a hard time in Moscow, and Belarus, even though I am Romanian.

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  • Elle Z
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    9 years ago

    In the larger cities people speak English but in the smaller towns away from the university you'll be hard pressed to find English being spoken.

    I personally don't care for Romania. My ex is Romanian and everything he ever "bragged" about his precious Romania scared the crap out of me. He said when he first got to the US he couldn't understand why people smiled. He always was suspicious thinking some how everyone was laughing at him.

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