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What does this poem mean?

say to them

say to the down-keepers

the sun-slappers

the self-soilers

the harmoney-hushers

"even if you are not ready for the day

it cannot always be night."

you will be right

for that is the hard home-run

live for battles won

live not for the end-of-a-song

live in the along

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    Maybe when it says to the harmony-hushers/sun-slappers/down-keepers (the miserable, negative people) "even if you are not ready for the day, it cannot always be night" i means that even though the boring people can complain and think negatively, the sun will come up soon, and perhaps what they thought, or what they didn't want is back (the day - or even good things/possitivity).

    Then it says "you will be right, for that is a hard home-run" - by that I think it means that the sun (possitive things on the other 'team') has won.

    "Live for battles won. Live not for the end-of-a-song. Live in the along"

    "end-of-song" meaning, don't wait for the ending - live the middle of the song - so say if the song brings you a joy or energy/excitement, stay that way.

    "Live in the along" meaning to just keep going, keep doing things that make you happy.

    I think this poem is about how people view things as being 'ended' - like the day. It cannot be night forever, then sun must always rise again - so although people see a day and a night as one thing until it ends, if you open your mind, then what is a day? It's just something we make up to become more organised.

    The meaning of the poem is to tell you that life goes on and on and on. Nothing ends - even when you die.

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    It means that you should cheer up people who are depressed,sad, or unhappy, and tell them: Even if you don't feel like being happy, you can't stay sad all the time. (after that) And you're right, because that's how you should live life, live to win battles(to achieve your goals) don't live for the end of your life, live with it.

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