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Are Sydney and I becoming boyfriend/girlfriend?

Hey so my best friend since 5th grade is Sydney. We’re 16. We seem to be getting even closer. We’ve always playfully flirted, as friends. But it seems to be going deeper than that, and it’s happening a lot more now.

See, right around we met and became friends, she started to develop. Now she’s slim with very nice curves, and huge boobs. Sure, I’d looked before, how couldn’t I? But I never really paid attention much attention till recently.

Once we were at my house, and she was showering. When she got out, she went into my room (I was in another room) fully dried off but with no towel covering her. I happened to walk in on her naked from the waist up. She didn’t seem to care. She smiled at me and continued getting dressed. (but damn…she looked hot)

It’s really cold where we are, and one time she and I were waiting for the bus, and she was shivering, and she said “Oh my god, look at my nipples. I’m so cold!” Yeah, they were poking through her top. So we hugged close, with her in my lap, for several minutes till the bus arrived. We were pretty much snuggling, and I could feel her enormous chest pressed against me.

Once we were doing gymnastics on our school’s field (on a Saturday, it was just us) and afterwards, she said “Great, now I have grass in my bra. And she took off her tank top, and started getting it out, while I could only watch in awe. Then let me get the last piece out. Yeah, I pretty much got to put my hand in her bra, feel up her boobs (including nipples), and pull a piece of grass out from between them.

When I squeeze her waist, and her curves, she moans like she’s being pleasured. Only when I do it though.

Once I updated Facebook, saying “I’m making Sydney sweat…I think you know how…” and she liked the update, and commented on it saying “Hell yeah ;)”

Later we were all playing truth or dare with three of Sydney’s other friends (all girls) and they dared me to cup and squeeze Sydney’s boobs. Sydney didn’t mind at all ,in fact she welcomed it. So we spooned and I did it, but then she let me keep holding them even after the dare was over.

I’m not sure if Sydney and I are becoming closer friends, or evolving into a couple. What do you think?

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    Son, how much of a green light does she have to give you to get the message across your thick skull that she wants some sweet lovin from you?

    Step up to the batters box. It's time you tap that az.

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