Roy Keane leaves Ipswich Town - Your views?

Despite quite a lot of money Keane's biggest achievement at Ipswich has been his continuous embarrassment of Cardiff City.

Was his time at Portman road a total disaster?

After a reasonably successful time at Sunderland and a far less successful spell at Ipswich, do you think Roy Keane's cut out for management?

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    1 decade ago
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    Did he leave or was he sacked ? either way it was time for him to move on . As much as i respect Roy keane , he did no good for ispwich , he was full of talk before joining them as manager saying he would get them into the premier league within a season, but got nowhere near it .Now , maybe that was because he was dealing with a pack of useless players ,because he did do very well with Sunderland , getting them promoted into the Premier league within a season in his first ever managing post ( fairly impressive in my book ), but still i think Ipswich board were patient enough with him and they need a manager now to come in with more realistic expectations and goals to lead them on .

    Is keane cut out for management ? well he did very well with Sunderland , so i would not write him off as a failure yet, hes learning his trade as manager and keane being the man he is , im sure wont let this stuff at Ipswich distract him in anyway .

    I'll bet Keane will be managing another club within a few weeks, he can only improve and learn as a manager , hes still relatively new to the job in comparison to other managers....If he can become as good at management as he was a player , then that will be one hell of a manager .As i say , he can only improve . Don't write him off yet .

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    5 years ago

    The problem with Roy Keane is that he's never been given the same level of love as Liam Brady, or any other Irishman who donned the green jerseys. But then again no other Irish player walked out of their team in their hour of need. Maybe Mick McCarthy was never as great a player as Roy, but he's sure a better manager. I think Mr Keane should concentrate on getting his defenders at Ipswich to keep balls and goals out of their own nets, rather than criticise a fantastic Irish performance at the Stade de France of all places.

  • Keane was poor with a poor Ipswich

    but give him credit where it is due- he reached the Semi Final of the Carling Cup

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    To be honest I don't think his mentality is right for management.

    That can be argued with his Sunderland reign, but he's should renowned for his playing not his managing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He left when things got hard like with sunderland.

    He could now go to Liverpool, chelsea or west ham.liverpool and west ham are most likely i think he would be best suited at west ham but would rather see him at Liverpool

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