HARDCORE MMA fan do you agree with my rankings?

before you read understand im not a ufc fanboy but do believe top 3 guys in each division should start with ufc fighters atleast


1 Cain Velasquez


3 Werdum(still think the fight was a fluke but mad props to werdum)

4 Fedor

5 Overeem(hasnt really been active in mma and has fought cans lately in mma but winning the k1 title and having more mma fights than (Brock,JDS,Carwin and Velasquez) combined i think i make a stong case for him being here **** what dana white says trying to convince me lesnar was the #1 what a joke

6 Brock (not a big lesnar fan)

7 Carwin

8 Big Nog

9 Nelson

10 Barnett


1 Shogun

2 Evans

3 Rampage

4 Machida(i know he beat evans but coming off 2 losses i had to put him here even if the rampage fight was really close)

5 Jon Jones

6 Fejaio

7 King Mo

8 Mousasi

9 Franklin

10 Henderson


1 Anderson Silva

2 Vitor Belfort (it will be his first fight at 185 in a while but i see him having no problem and KTFO Silva

3 Chael Sonnen(even tho he is a lair and a cheater he did beat down silva)

4 Jacare

5 Okami

6 Damain Maia

7 Wand Silva

8 Brain Stann

9 Nate Marquardt

10 Hector Lombard



2 Jake Shields

3 Fitch

4 Nick Diaz

5 Thiago Alves

6 BJ Penn

7 Carlos Condit

8 Koscheck

9 Daley

10 Kampmann


1 Edgar

2 Maynard

3 Gilbert Melendez

4 Eddie Alvarez

5 Showtime Pettis

6 Ken Flo

7 Evan Dunahm (got robbed last fight)

8 Guida

9 Sherk

10 George Sotiropoulos


1 Jose Aldo

2 Hatsu Hioki

3 Joe Warren

4 Manvel Gamburyan

5 Marlon Sandro

6 Michihiro Omigawa

7 Dustin Poirier

8 Josh Grispi

9 Mike Brown

10 Chad Mendes


1 Cruz

2 Faber

3 Benavidez

4 Bowles

5 Wineland(i expext him to pull an upset on faber)

6 Torres

7 Jorgenson

8 Antonio Banuelos

9 Brad Pickett

10 Mizugaki


actually swap big nog for Mir

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    10 years ago
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    HW- If Carwin had anything close to a decent gas tank you've gotta put him back in top 3 or 4

    LHW- Looks okay for now, but wait a while and get ready to type Jon Jones' name at the top

    MW- Anderson is on top, but rewrite this in a few months and I doubt he'll be your #1

    WW- GSP is and always will be #1 until her retires or changes weight classes. He's in a different

    league. You send up the best wrestler and he out-wrestles him, best striker, he out-strikes them.

    He'll run into trouble if he moves up to middle weight though

    LW- Edgar's #1, but Penn has gotta be number 2 because Edgar's the only guy he can't beat (like Franklin couldn't beat Anderson at Middleweight)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    hw yea.

    lhw.no.king mo shouldnt be on there.neither should Mousasi they havent beat no one for awhile.jon jones should be ten an u should have bader up there since bader beat a ranked opponent in lil nog an he should be ranked higher than jon jones cause of that an should be on there

    mw.just move sonnen to 2 since he hasnt lost to anyone since anderson an vitor only has beaten one opponent at middle weight who isnt even ranked at that weight anymore

    ww.fitch should never be moved from 2 he beaten loads of welterweights an jakeshields has only beat the hitman he should be 4.alves should be 3.nick diaz really shouldnt even be ranked an neither should bj.im fan of him but no if he gets past fitch then rank him.

    lw just bout right sept penn should be ranked in there somewhere due to that he only lost to the champ an could very well go back to that weight class when ever he wantsfw good.

    bw.bolwes should be not so high up faber should be 3 an Benavidez should be 2 still due to that no one at bw is knocking off top guys like he is an his only soul lossesd are are to the champ cruz im sure

  • 10 years ago

    Ok I will go division by division

    HW-JDS is alittle high. His best win is Roy Nelson and Werdum when noone knew who he was. I don't think he has proven enough to be number 2. Be ok with him at 4-6 but not two. Also where are guys like Antonio Silva I would put him in for Nelson personally.

    LHW-I'm ok with your first 5 but after that you seem to be reaching for guys just so you don't go with a UFC heavy list. You have no Ryan Bader, Forrest Griffin, Little Nog, all of which should be in the bottom of your top ten Moussasi and Henderson are both major reaches at this point.

    MW-Vitor has't fought enough or has good enough wins to be Num2 at MW. I know he is getting the next shot but he should be at best 4.Okami and Jacare should be switched,and Wandy and Stann shouldn't be on the list. In wandy's case it is not 2005 anymore and Stann still needs more quality wins to prove he belongs in the top 10. Also while I wouldn't say they need to be in the top ten I would say you do need to atleast think about Jorge Santiago and Michael Bisping in the 7 thru 10 range.

    WW-This is one of the more easy ones to rank because the guys are fairly clear to just about everyone. I would say the following though, BJ needs to be taken out of them because he only has one fight there back and it is vs an old matt hughes, Kampmann is alittle low and Shields is alittle high. I know GSP dominated Fitch and Alves and Koscheck but that doesn't make them bad fighters. Infact Fitch can really only lose to GSP he beats just about everyone else. Alves same thing just add Fitch to the list of guys he can't beat. Just because your number 1 contender doesn't make you Number 2 in the Division. Number 2 might just be the guy that beats everyone but the champ which is how WW works.

    LW-Top 4 look good to me. I would switch a couple of the guys spaces but arguing 2 vs 3 vs 4 is kinda pointless. What I will say is Pettis is alittle high on your list. Yes the man jumped off a cage and kicked a dude and thats the coolest thing I have seen in a long time in MMA but that alone doesn't move you that high on the rankings. Also where is the Japaneese love dude. Your list makes you look like a UFC lover and a Jap hater. Aoki, Kawajiri,both should be in the 5 to 9 range of any legit LW ranking right now. And Personally I would take Soto out of 10 and put in Jim Miller. Dude is legit.

    FW-Warren is alittle High for my taste. I would have him about 7 in my rankings. Pointier shouldn't be ranked. One win doesn't make for a top 10 guy.and where is Diego Nunez at dude.

    BW-Again with the Jap hate, where is Masakatsu Ueda, also I think Faber and Torres are alittle on the high side.

  • 10 years ago

    Its hard for me to put fighters like Fedor in the top.He is a good fighter but who was the last person he beat who was on the top of their game.maybe Nog like 5 or 6 years ago.Id probably put Overeem infront of him. I agree lesner isnt in the top 5.And your kind of selling Bader short.he hasnt gotten as much hype as Jones but hes been sound.take hendo out of their for LHW.I refuse to put vitor in the top cause he hasn't fought in that weight class in years.so can't really count him cause he hasn't fought anyone there.idk about shields.ill have to see him at UFC 129 cause he sucked *** against kampman.so if were basing off that then no way.id switch Dunham and Sotiropolous.and even though he lost id switch jorgenson n torres.good list always enjoy true fans. I love to talk mma

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