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What is the harm of a vegetarian eating dairy products?

I'm a lacto vegetarian which means my diet is like any other vegetarian except it includes dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, and kefir, but excludes eggs. Why do other vegetarians cut dairy out of their diet when the cow who creates the milk isn't harmed or killed? I was going to cut out dairy out of my diet, but I really cant because I really don't eat that much to begin with and it would cut out even more food out of my diet. I also have extremely weak bones, for example: I was in cross country earlier this year and all I was doing was running and I fractured my leg. I can get hit not very hard and I've had my bones shatter, so every other month I have to go to the doctor to get check to make sure I'm taking a healthy about of calcium or not. What is the harm of a vegetarian eating dairy products?

thx for answering this question in advance!^^

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Aren't there certain places that will treat cows well tho? Like organic milk dairy cows? I just read an article that the farms treat those cows a lot better than dairy cows

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    dairy cows are not mistreated or they would not give milk.

    they are well fed and coddled to a certain extent because any harm to their udder also causes problems with milk production. Then the cow must be given antibiotics to clear the infection and all milk from her must be dumped during treatment and for a few days after, which is a waste and effect the dairy mans bottom line.

    They are NOT attached to milkers 24 hours like some nut jobs seem to think. A cows body does not work that way that doing that would result in mastitis(infection in the udder) and blood in the milk.

    Go to a dairy farm, big or small and see for yourself how dairy cows are treated. Ask questions and look around. Instead of depending on articles written by some folks who have never seen a live cow, see for yourself.

    As to organic meaning better treatment, not hardly.

    Organic only means the cows are fed feed that was not treated with pesticides or herbicides and the cow is not given antibiotics or other hormone injections.

    A cow does not "cry for her baby till her voice gives out". Where in the hell did you see that??

    I lived on a farm all my life and worked on 2 dairy farms and once that baby is out of site, it is also out of mind for the cow.

    Cows do not have the same emotions humans do.

    Because you would mourn your child does not mean animals do in the same fashion.

    Also, all young are not sold for veal. They are also raised for beef or in the case of females, more cows. The veal industry is not as big as the hamburger industry by a long shot.

    The males are chained up for weeks.....Have you ever driven out into the country??

    Where do you suppose those herds of cattle grazing come from?? The cows are let out to feed the minute milking is done.

    Allowing the milkers to stay too long does hurt them, thats why it is NOT done. The milk is rejected by the bacteria count in it. This testing is done BEFORE the milk truck picks up the milk as it cannot be used for anything. Ditto antibiotics or blood in the milk.

    Doing what you claim is a waste of time, milk and money for a dairy farmer and tells me you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

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    On top of everything that karina said(very nicely put by the way), many non dairy imitation products have just as much, if not more calcium than the traditional dairy product. There are things like, soymilk, almond, rice, and coconut milk. Silk makes awesome vegan yogurt and eggnog, and there are tons of margarines that do not contain milk. I use smartbalance light and I love it. You can even get vegan sour cream and cream cheese and it is really good! There are alot of vegan cheeses although I would stay away from alot of the lesser known brands as they taste horrible, in my experience, daiya and vegan gormet are really good ones. And all of these products are so much lower in saturated fats and cholesterol, do not harm any animals(or humans as most of these are fair trade), and they taste great! I really don't see any reason to eat dairy other than possibly convenience.

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    I'm guessing it's for ethical reasons. The treatment of the cows aren't good usually, but there are some special farms that treat the cows really well and you can get dairy products there. ^_^

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    I'm sorry to hear about your bones. That must really suck. :(

    The dairy industry is closely tied to the veal industry. Buying dairy creates a demand for more milk, and to get more milk factory farmers impregnate cows. The male calves that these cows birth go to slaughter for veal.

    Ahh. Karina's on a rampage. ^_^; Sadly, she is right though. I like 8th Continent soy milk best (you can buy it at Walmart), since it's GMO free. I try to avoid Silk, since they are part of the dairy industry and I don't want to support that. Dollar votes! >=D

    Oh, and don't trust Horizon Organics either. They aren't any better than the rest of them.

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    If you think the dairy industry isn't harmful, you need to open your eyes and do some research. Cows only lactate when they give birth, therefore they are artificially inseminated over and over again with what is commonly referred to as a "rape rack". When the calves are born, they are ripped away from their mothers within 48 hours. The mothers will cry out for their babies until their voices give out.

    The females are condemned to a life of misery as dairy cows and the males are chained up in tiny pens for weeks. They are not given any space to move and their necks are chained to keep them from licking anything. They are fed a very poor diet and deprived of iron which causes anemia. You know why? Because people like that "tender, white flesh" which only happens when the cows aren't allowed to move or consume iron.

    The cows are "milked" by machines which overtime cause their udders to sag and pick up infections. Their udders release puss when milked (which goes into the dairy you consume). So not only are you condemning animals to horrible lives, you are also supporting the meat industry.

    Also, milk is completely unnatural. Humans are the only species to consume milk after infancy and to consume milk from another species. The calcium in dairy cannot be properly absorbed by our bodies. Dairy actually leeches calcium from our bones, raising the risk of osteoporosis (the bone disease which causes bone fracture). The countries with the highest amount of dairy consumption have the highest osteoporosis rates - the United States is in the top three. Dairy is also a leading cause of many other health problems, including diabetes, asthma, obesity, heart disease, the list goes on.

    Organic only means the cows aren't pumped full of hormones. So when the cows are being mutilated or are sick, they don't get any painkillers or antibiotics. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like they're treated well to me.

    Sure you can go and search for a small farm that treats their cows well, but you'll still be stealing milk from the calves - the ones that the milk is meant for. And at the end, all those cows end up in the same horrible slaughterhouses.

    Honestly it is your choice whether you wish to continue consuming dairy or not. Its a personal and ethical decision that only you can make for yourself.

    Even if you want to continue consuming dairy, you should consider the fact that your bones are so weak, most likely because of your dairy consumption.

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  • Karina is right. And even organic farms forcefully impregnate the cows, take their babies, and then kill or sell the calves.

    I had two delicious glasses of chocolate soy milk today and got all the calcium I need. There are always alternatives. (:

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    Vegetarians can eat dairy and eggs, vegans cannot.

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    You received excellent answers here... I been looking for the words myself for awhile now, but knew it supported slaughter somehow...

    I knew that calcium from dairy is harder for our bones to absorb than calcium found in grains and vegetables.

    I suggest you try my favorite of the vegan milks; plain hazelnut milk... Omigawd is it delishuss...

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    Because dairy cows are not treated well. And what you do is dependent on your conscience not anyone else's

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    No harm. Get you milk from dairies that treat their cows humanely. Don't get all bent out of shape from the propaganda and lies spread by the animal rights extremists.

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