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What number do i call for scientific advice on new invention ideas?

I got a good idea.

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    An invention can be protected by a granted patent. So the first thing you have to do is covert your idea into an invetion that meets the criteria below. As for numbers patent registration may vary depending on wgere you live,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u will have to do your own research on this..

    A granted patent provides the owner with the exclusive right to an invention within the marketplace. It is a government sanctioned monopoly provided to the owner to exploit the invention to the exclusion of others. This monopoly lasts for the term of the patent. This term varies with the type of patent sought (between 8 and 20 years).

    What can be patented?

    There are certain requirements which must be met under the Patents Act before an invention is considered for patent. To obtain a patent, the invention must meet the following criteria:

    Be a manner of manufacture

    Be novel

    Be useful

    Possess a sufficient level of inventiveness.

    The types of inventions which can qualify for patent protection are broad ranging, some of which include:

    Products and devices;

    Mechanical apparatus;

    Business methods;

    Biotechnology related products;

    Computer and internet based software and processes.

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    you dont say where you are so how can we give you the number, there isnt a world wide one. try googling your local patent office, you had better have your "ideas on paper".t

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