Are you addicted to prescription pain killers? Are you having to take more and more?

I have been addicted to pain killers since about 12 years ago. It got worse and worse as time went by. I was a frequent flyer at emergency rooms and even got to the point where I was dissolving the percs. in water and injecting them. It got bad. I tried N.A. and in-patient treatment and out-patient treatment and even tried cold-turkey nothing worked I was getting worse and worse. I was ready to give up on myself. I did not know what to do. I did not want to go on methadone because I heard it was trading one bad habit for a worse one and the clinics control your life. Boy were they wrong. I finally tried methadone and what a lifesaver it has been. I finally have my life back my kids have their mom back my husband has his wife back etc. Sure they are strict but they have to be. You have to be dedicated to getting better. I follow the rules and I do great. When the time comes I will detox by 1 milligram a week and the detox is pretty easy at that rate. I wanted to post this because methadone has gotten a bad rap. and because of that some people don't try it. If you are really serious about getting well and getting your life together methadone can help. Sur you have to go to the clinic every day but sunday for a while and work your way done but you were willing to give up your entire day doing drugs so why not an hour each day to dose? You say you don't want the clinic running your life but you will let a drug run it. Let go of the excuses and get well. Try methadone if all else has failed if you find a good clinic and follow the rules you may be pleasantly surprised. Good Luck


Good luck to you the_happ I wish you all the best in life and hope that one day you are pain free.

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am addicted to prescription painkillers, because I need them for long standing incurable medical conditions. I cannot get out of bed without them, so I'm definitely addicted, and unless some miracle comes along I will be for the rest of my life. There are many many people in the same position.

    It's great to hear of you beating your addiction, and wonderful that you want to help others by sharing your story. Drug addiction and withdrawl isn't something I'd wish on anyone so good on you.

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