Sudden hearing loss in one ear?

hey im a 15 year old male. for the past week i have been ill with a head-ace (which has now gone) and a very painfull sore throat. i have been listening to music in my headphones as usual like i do on most nights, and all of a sudden with in a left ear started to hurt and i cant hear propery through it. i did suffer from an ear infection a few years back aswell as tonsillitis (not at the same time) and theres nothing i can do right now as it is past midnight and my mum has gone to bed. i am booked into the doctors tomorrow morning for my throat and i will tell her about my ear.

But what are the causes of my sudden ear-ach and how do i 'fix' it?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Go see a nurse or doctor might lose yer hearing or get real sick

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