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What is the Korean equivalent of the American Grammy Awards?

And also, who is the youngest American to win the Grammy? And who is the youngest Korean to win the Korean award?

Sources appreciated!

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    Well, in Korea, it's a little different. There really is no one exact equivalent of the Grammy. There are several different award shows with different companies, one one large organization. Sometimes, the awards are given out based on the fans as well. Some of the more popular, bigger ones are:

    Korean Music Awards (possibly the closest to the Grammys)

    Golden disk awards

    Mnet Asian Music Awards

    KBS Music Awards

    Melon Music Awards

    Seoul Music Awards

    that's all I can think of off the top of my head

    The youngest Grammy winner... I'm not sure but I think Leann Rimes won one when she was 14.

    And for Korean, well they're MOSTLY groups, not solo artists (there are many solo artists though, but they don't win as much), and there are so many different awards that I don't think I can answer who the youngest was. Sorry

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