1. What is the main idea of the passage from An Essay on Man? (1 point)?

1. What is the main idea of the passage from An Essay on Man? (1 point)

People hide their emotions more than they should.

People have many strengths and weaknesses.

People are emotional when they should be logical.

People are more like beasts than angels.

2. What is Pope's purpose in writing the excerpt from An Essay on Man? (1 point)

to explore the range of human emotions

to poke fun at human relations

to expose corruption in government

to examine human nature

3. In Gulliver's Travels, what are the Lilliputians quarreling about that leads to war? (1 point)

what to do with Gulliver

which end of an egg to break open

who owns the island of Blefuscu

how to elect political leaders

4. What is Swift satirizing in the story of the dispute between the Big-Endians and the Little-Endians in Gulliver's Travels? (1 point)

arguments over unimportant things

the inability to learn how others think

the superiority of the upper class

stubbornness against trying new ideas

5. In Gulliver's Travels, the king of Brobdingnag listens carefully to Gulliver's stories of England. What does the king conclude about the English? (1 point)

They are a powerful group.

They are democratic people.

They are disgusting vermin.

They are a civilized race.

6. What is Pepys's method for describing events in The Diary? (1 point)

He presents philosophical ideas.

He gives details and examples.

He provides advice about fires.

He introduces broad generalities.

7. What is the main idea of the first part of Pepys's diary, titled “The Plague”? (1 point)

The plague could be controlled with enforcement of the laws.

Many people died from the plague, but they were mainly the very poor.

The sick were everywhere, and many people Pepys knew had died.

Although many died, most people saw little evidence of it.

8. The narrator of A Journal of the Plague Year says the huge pit was expected to last a month, but it lasted two weeks. What conclusion can you draw from this information? (1 point)

The plague was getting worse.

Fewer people were dying than expected.

The pit was not as big as people thought.

The church forced the pit to close early.

9. According to the narrator in A Journal of the Plague Year, why was it necessary to keep the public from visiting the burial pit? (1 point)

to keep people from panicking when they saw how many died

to prevent idle, curious people from behaving badly

to avoid infection and prevent people from jumping in

so people would not object to how the bodies were dumped in

10. How does Defoe make his account, A Journal of the Plague Year, seem realistic? (1 point)

He uses quotations from famous people.

He gives mortality statistics and measurements.

He gives specific symptoms of plague.

He uses metaphors and similes.

11. What is the central theme of the excerpt from Paradise Lost? (1 point)

the fall of the first man and woman

the creation of Hell

the conflict between good and evil

faith in God

12. How did Satan come to rule in Hell, according to the excerpt from Paradise Lost? (1 point)

He betrayed Beelzebub.

He led a rebellion against God.

He wanted his own realm.

He was punished for deceiving humans.

13. As Satan sits in Hell, what does he vow to do, according to the excerpt from Paradise Lost? (1 point)

raise a rebellion of angels

seek forgiveness from God

deceive Adam and Eve

create evil out of all good

14. In “A Modest Proposal,” what does Swift propose doing to solve the problem of poverty in Ireland? (1 point)

sell children of the poor into slavery

ship all Catholic children to England

slaughter children of the poor for food

train poor children for the English army

15. According to “A Modest Proposal,” how long does Swift propose that mothers keep their children? (1 point)

until they are one year old

until they are adults

until they finish school

until someone buys them

16. Swift includes many facts and statistics in “A Modest Proposal.” What seems to be his purpose in including this information? (1 point)

to convince people to act

to make his proposal appear logical

to add humor to his proposal

to justify laws to protect the poor

17. What is the author's purpose in writing “A Modest Proposal”? (1 point)

to quickly reduce the population of Ireland

to call attention to the problem of poverty in Ireland

to enable poor mothers to earn more money

to encourage Catholics to leave Ireland

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